Blind Ferret Scholarship

It seems that Blind Ferret Entertainment has chosen LICD to host their Webcomic Scholarship program that seems to be in the works. Starting in the fall of this year, Blind Ferret will be paying for a two year scholarship to The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. The art for the site is all drawn up, and there is actually an interface, but no way to donate or apply as every page has the same latin phrases. The text is marked as from December 4th, 2009, so the foundation may not be up and running yet, but the link can be found at the bottom of the LICD homepage.

Direct link to scholarship page

Link to announcement thread:

While I am not actually smart (I only play one on the internet) and therefore do not know Latin, I ran the text through a translator and got this broken block. If anyone can translate farther, please let me know. And if you are a budding webcomic artist, start bothering Blind Ferret for some dough!

Lorem itself pain he is amet consectetuer to come up to elit. Eneus this spotless. Pellentesque viverra pain not now. Tomorrow easy lucky he is amet lorem. Vivamus if not elit , ninth this , easy not , blandishments and , pain. Upon consectetuer lorem good lobortis to extreme poverty , skirmish to hate imperdiet eros , he is amet sagittis now mi and worthless. Nullam wise mauris venenatis but fermentum but , time good urna. Nullam venenatis pregnant orci. Pellentesque and bow. Some but was. Up to the time when he is amet in fact. Whole laughter skirmish , easy eget viverra and venenatis this , lion. To suspend might. Phasellus magna prefix meaning half- vulputate eget ornare but dignissim he is amet pede.

Eneus equity itself , lamentation when volutpat laoreet , conveyance upon , to set free. With a ready some , worthless price to congeal mattis , itself augue dignissim before , and price nisl bed but magna. Nullam venenatis pregnant orci. To suspend might. Upon time urna. Mauris but nulla anyone if not sometimes transitory. Mauris transitory avenging equity. For nisl how , to lay not volutpat but , always life magna. Each one bow before , a race upon ornare anyone viverra when , equity. Phasellus hendrerit. Upon this side habitasse street word. To suspend viverra to please tortor. Vivamus feugiat. Up to the time when when spotless. Pellentesque condimentum lucky a prefix meaning half-. Curabitur lorem laughter sagittis life , to add to a heap a , a thrower this , fear. Each one bow before , a race upon ornare anyone viverra when , equity.

Edit: Apparently this has been going on a while, I was just slow on the update. -Cat.

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