Somewhere Different

Somewhere Different

Mayura and RedRaine

About half a year


This may be a comic to keep an eye on, depending on where the story is taken. It’s fairly new, so very little has happened past the first chapter, but it could turn into something interesting. Or, like I fear, it could turn into mindless romance. The start already centered around a boy, the third wheel, being tormented by his dating friends’ lovey-dovey attitude. The “about” page describes what will be the future plot, but I’ll leave that to you lest I spoil the limited story. Like I said, this is something to watch, but I’m not holding my breath.

The art style is a basic kind of manga, although I do give the artist some leeway due to the new nature of the comic, so again we’ll have to let it develop. There is a lot of filler art, which is kind of annoying. I understand that it isn’t always possible to draw up a comic, but c’mon people. If you can draw an intricate picture, then you can draw a simpler comic.

Still, the comic holds promise, perhaps we’ll have to revisit it later.

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