Smith and Hepting

4 years

Recently dead, with promises of future comics

Ah, yes. Slackerz.

Take one part video game humor, three parts internet humor, one part movie references, one part social commentary, and add random yet funny recurring characters to taste. Mix well over low heat. Once baked for 30 minutes, remove fourth wall. Serve hot.

Slackerz is one of those things, a comic that you’ll either love or hate. The characters are more developed than most recurring creatures in these random, daily-style comics. And they’re not just “oh look, Joe is back. That crazy fellow. Capital!” kind of jokes, either. For example, take McHampster, who regularly advises kids to do things such as (in his introduction comic) snort crack and put salt in their eyes. This, of course, speaks to the stupidity and sheep-like nature of kids, but its a goddamn humor webcomic, not a master’s thesis. It’s just funny.

Most of the humor is based around over-exaggerating the reactions of the people and the narrator, but it’s done well. Although it does sometimes get a bit “Oh look a clown NOW ITS A DOG oh sh*t its a roflolcopter”, that kind of problem is rare. It’ll keep you coming back…

Well, at least it would have. As of today Slackerz was declared done, although the authors say that they are going to bring it back in a few months. Yeah, and my cousin’s going to go back for his bachelor’s degree after he hikes around Europe. It may help that they’ve been doing it for so long, and therefore have something of a vested interest in it, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

At any rate, it’s definitely worth a read. Most of the references need nothing more than a basic understanding of popular geek culture, so I think most of you should be fine. I mean, who hasn’t seen the Matrix or played/heard of a Zelda game? Crazy people, that’s who. And we don’t talk about them.

Again, read it.

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