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Take Calvin and Hobbes. Now, take out the sleds, the tiger, the costumes, pretty much everything that made it good. Congratulations, you now have Nicky510. With boring humor that may have been funny in the age of Dennis the Menace, this comic falls far short of what I would waste my time with. The story is boring, with the smart kid and the wacky kid against the world (sound familiar?) and their parents. In fact, some scenes seem shot-for-shot the same as Calvin and Hobbes, with the mom in the floppy hat gardening while the dad tries to light the barbecue, badly. In this day and age, this comic belongs with Family Circus, back in the 60’s.

Art: 3/5

Average art, relatively well done but lacking in color or particular style.

Plot: 1/5

Poor humor in boring arcs. Like I said, see C&H, just not Watterson’s classic appeal.

Characters: 2/5

The characters all fall into the classic archetypes, which allows them to fill their needed roles, I suppose, but also doesn’t allow for dynamic progress.

Overall, I would steer clear of this comic. Trust me, I read it so that you don’t have to.

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