Nobody Scores!

Nobody Scores!

Brandon Bolt


Pulmonary embolism, possibly tachycardic

“Heeeeeeey guys! I gots an idea. Let’s take an artist, a businesswoman, and a nut in the same apartment and see what happens! It’ll be great!”

Yeah, sure. The sentences above have probably been uttered before every bad sitcom ever created. And they all were horrible.

But what if they were good? I know, it’s insane, but stick with me here.

Enter Nobody Scores!, a daily arc-less comic revolving around the above three characters in their journey to spiral out of control into the top-shelf kind of crazy. Chaos theory ain’t got jack on this.

I hesitate to describe the normal plot ideas because they tend towards utter madness, but you can imagine them from the characters. The businesswoman is the Machiavellian, anything for a buck type. The artist goes the postmodern route and tries to art-ify everything. The nut is jut batshit crazy and occupies herself by doing death-defying things (usually. Not the “things” part, the “death-defying” part. Good thing for magical “oh we need her” medicine!). There are quite a few social commentary notes that the comics are based on, but they’re usually not shoved down your throat, unlike some of the comics. I’m looking at you, Sinfest. Anyways, put them all together and you get a hectic mess. It’s pretty damn funny, though.

It’s also nice in that the comic was good all the way though the archives, which is fairly rare for long-running comics. Good show.

The art is pretty good, like most of them, it doesn’t add a ton but it doesn’t take a way. Still, pretty good.

Overall, if you’re in the mood for some absurdity, read Nobody Scores! It’s good people.



Jeph Jacques had better damn well be heading somewhere with his plotline.

Annnnnnd a very special LICD? I guess we’ll find out…

Outside the Comics

I highly recommend the musician haina, she’s really fantastic, for the most part. And check out the link below, it’s quite an epic flash movie.

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