Joe Loves Crappy Movies

Joe Loves Crappy Movies

Joe Dunn

497 pages

1 month gone

Digital Pimp is a group of people who have released a few different series of comics, from Matriculated to Another Video Game Webcomic. Today we speak of one, Joe Loves Crappy Movies, a webcomic that features comic-by-comic satire of current popular movies. The cast includes a movie-phile, his now-wife, a secret agents, etc. but that’s not important.

The movie humor is goddamn hilarious. Yes, I am basing that on the presupposition that everyone knows something about older movies, but even lacking in that, it’s pretty funny. The author also writes reviews of the movies, and of late comments on the comic, so if you don’t get the reference then just skim below…

Not to mention the fact that if you didn’t know that Fantastic 4 was crap, Bruce Willis is a cop in every movie, or the basic premise of Dawn of the Dead, then you really need to get out more. Hell, you don’t even need to leave your house. Netflix! “Hate the DayStar? Movies are only a short sprint to the mailbox and back away!”

Eh, unless you don’t like movies, that is. In that case, JLCM will be utterly useless to you. Then again, you wouldn’t probably like the humor anyways, so this may be a moot point.

Lacking at that, the comic doesn’t have a prevalent enough plot line that you would be confused by randomly skipping around. So, if need be, you can simply use the drop-down to find the movies that you actually know. You might miss out on some running gags, but meh. Still, this should be avoided.

The art style isn’t amazing, but it’s definitely not bad, either. One thing that I particularly enjoy is when actual actors make the scene. Why? Because doing caricatures of people is hard as hell. When everyone knows a person’s face, any imperfection is instantly noticed. And yet, Dunn manages to pull it off very well. A hell of a lot better than most people, at any rate.

If you like movies, then this comic is for you. If not, there are six more comics that Pimps releases, all of which can be found below the daily strip. Check one of those out. I recommend Not Another Videogame Webcomic, and I’ll be posting a review soon. Until then, toodles!

P.S. I love this video, it speaks the truth.

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