Cyanide And Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness

Kris Wilson
Rob DenBleyker
Matt Melvin
Dave McElfatrick


Updates regularly

A-yup. Remember my review for Perry Bible Fellowship? Step one: Normal scenario. Step two: Horrific turn of events. Well, welcome to the world of Cyanide and Happiness. C&N is a daily strip done by four people, all with a similar style of art. That’s right, folks, the glorified stick figure. But eh, it’s all right.

C&N gets it’s giggles off of shock value, whether by the violent bait-and-switch or just simple “psych!” humor. Actually, as I look back at the more recent comics in writing this review, they really aren’t that funny. Every once in a while you’ll get a gem, but on a daily basis? … eh I can take it or leave it. The beginning ones weren’t exactly fantastic either… I suppose you’ll have to read through the middle, eh?

They have started putting out flash animations that are really entertaining, however, so you might look those up.

Overall, it’s Perry Bible Fellowship but not as good in most aspects.

Note: I wanted to review this today as this Sunday started the fourth Depressing Comic Week, which really does live up to its name. Really, it gets to even the most cynical bastard. Cheers. (Edit: Apparently the comic has lost it’s legs even in this aspect. Why? Because the normally delightfully depressing Week is mundane and boring this time around.)

P.S. Are you pissed that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who? Answer: Yes, unless you’ve never seen the show. Actually rephrasing that: Yes, you are. Because I am telling you are. Anyways, here’s a sweet tribute of sort to the dear Doctor. Yes, I know, woot another YouTube video. So sue me. Also, check the band out (Chameleon Circuit), it’s not bad. -Cat.

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