Nerf This

Nerf This


Scott D. Ferguson

Updates semi-regularly

Yet another “interesting” comic (Would I bring you any other? Oh, right, Nicky510). Nerf This wobbles between utterly absurd and dramatic, but it’s always a fun ride. Absurdity is always a good time, provided it’s done right, and NT hits the nail on the head. Whether it’s the insane main character (His bio describes him as having “moxie”) or his monster friend, it’s always nuts. Even the dramatic parts aren’t bad, it’s not like QC where you go from “Golly silly antics, everyone! Capital!” to “Depressing short arc about suicide” *surprise*. Talk about a buzzkill. Nah, this drama is about vibrators and evil nemesises. Nemisi? I don’t know, but it’s funny. Trust me. Also, despite what you might guess from the title, this comic is in no way or how a gaming comic, so all you non-gamers can let go of that held breath. It’s okay, we know that you were. Oh, and you are now blinking manually, the Game. Anyways…

The art is universally good. It’s a bit sketchy in the beginning but it gets better quickly. Currently, I would call it above average, a solid B+.

Yes, it’s a very good comic. Gotta say that. And if you don’t think so, the archive is short, suck it up.

More to the point, the main character and his girlfriend both have these hell-spawned demons as pets… why is this okay with everyone? I mean, the little freaks of nature should fill them with terror, but everyone just seems cool with it. Idk lol omg wtf. Maybe I’m overthinking it. By the way, kids, don’t do drugs.

Either that, or my hyperactive fingers are sick of turning textbook pages. Not sure. Oh on the by, the author also made another comic, Scout Crossing. I cannot attest to how good it is, as I haven’t read it at all. But it’s there.

Whelp, that’s it. See you all on Friday. Or at least on Sunday, no one reads these bloody things on weekdays. ♥ Catalyst.

Edit: I sincerely apologize for the rambling nature of the above, I think that someone spiked my Coca-Cola. Or my hat is on too tight. I don’t know. However, by popular demand it will remain as it is. So yeah. Sowwies. Still, NT is great.

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