Hello! Hello! So, yes, two things are this week. First, I have finals, which are death-in-a-can, so excuse me if I seem a bit TENSE or silly.

Secondly: It’s my birthday this Friday! For some reason people think that this makes me mature, so I plan to conclusively prove them wrong. That’s right, it’s Dirty Comic Week! I’ve reached back in between the stacks of horrible teen-on-zombie-nazi-horse pr0n and drew out some of the NSFW ones I stores away in my vast pit of webcomic bookmarks. Of course, I try to pretend to have some class (I am a gentleman after all), so none of these will be downright pr0n in my view, but it may be close. Those of you with delicate temperaments, click off. Otherwise, move on with my NSFW stamp in mind. Alas, I’ve already done Olgaf, but here’s to trying…


Mary Magdalene (according to the copyright)


Updates semi-regularly

To start: Lesbian fantasy characters. Think if a lady from this world got pulled into Candyland by Princess Candy and they had frequent lesbian sex with everything they can find and you have Curvy. That’s the short version.

The long? It’s actually fairly well written and clever. It follows the whole “Princess escapes into foreign land to run away from forced marriage” formula, but does so in a good way. The worlds are broken up into different dimensions, basically, each with it’s own set of customs and rules. From candyland kings to seafaring pirates, they all have vastly different environments. The main characters travel all over the place, sexcaping danger at every turn. It’s decent, I must say.

The art style is fairly simplistic, although you can tell where the most effort is put in (if you catch my drift). I’ll leave it at that.

Yes, the plot is non-existent. But let’s face it, you won’t be reading it for the plot. And let’s face it, there’s a thousand and one hentai porn sites that would be more fulfilling than this. Not that you heard that from me. Always leave room for Jesus, kids.

Overall, it’s not a daily thing that you’ll look at again and again. Like I said, I buried it somewhere and had to dig it out myself (Bookmarked for review, not anything else, folks. I’ve been at this for a while). So make what you will of it.

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