Sandra and Woo

So yeah, a lame-ass Dirty Comic Week. Sorry all… eh, that’s what you get for reading the site of a college student hehe.

On the by, check out Boobquake, an internet event for today to protest a man who apparently thinks cleavage makes earthquake. To which I say, yes it does, but not that kind.

Anyways, as a palate cleanser:

Sandra and Woo

Oliver Knörzer and Powree


Updates somewhat regularly

First off, I am going to pretend that I didn’t get the authors’ names and the starting date off a furry wiki site due to the actual comic being down. Now, moving on.

Girl meets anthropomorphic raccoon, raccoon meets rather accepting schoolgirl. They go on wild adventures together with their friends. The end.

Okay, not quite that simple. Sandra, the schoolgirl, find a raccoon, Woo, and shortly learns that he is actually intelligent and can speak and such other thrilling Disney gimmicks. It’s actually a lot better than it sounds. It never really tend towards “the power of friendship” goal that so many of these kinds of comics have wandered into like a drunken camel, which is freaking fantastic. Throw in her pyro female friend, her “boyfriend” Cloud (his parents were obsessed with Final Fantasy. He gets sword lessons… heh), and a few more supporting characters and you get a whole rag-team of people. The funny thing about S&W is that it deals a lot with modern problems in a soapbox kind of way, but does so in a funny or at least entertaining fashion. You never go “Dear gods we’ve slipped into this again?” (see Sinfest for examples…), it’s just part of the plot and broken up with funny comics.

It is hard to make a point and still be entertaining, but Sandra and Woo pulls it off.

The art isn’t *fantastic*, but you can tell a lot of work goes into it, which I can appreciate.

Overall, Sandra and Woo is one of those things that managed to worm its way though my cynicism and find a place in my… bookmarks. Read it.

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