Menage a 3

Menage a 3


By Giz


Updates fairly regularly

I had originally intended to review Menage a 3 during my Dirty Comics Week before I turned into a lazy/exam-ridden husk of a man, but alas I had to be delayed. Also, I’m a twat, so excuse the 5 days without a review. I’m busy.

As you literary folk might have guessed from the title, the comic title is a bastardization of the French phrase “Ménages à trois”, which basically means that three people are living in the same place together, with connotations of sex. MA3 (Does the “a” get in the acronym? Hell, why not) is a slice of life comic that follows the misadventures of Gary, a lonely virgin comic book nerd who finds out that his two male roommates are actually of the fruity variety and must find new ones after they move out. Lo and behold, the new characters are a mild-nymphomaniac Zii and the blonde waitress DiDi who is in the possession of a pair of knockers that would make a hentai artist shocked.

Actually, these legendary tits make up about have the story line, with either Zii or Gary trying to get a hold of them if you know what I mean. They all live in Canada (or as we call it in the States, “That state with all the polite people and moose”) so there are a few jokes in there, Gary’s a nerd who like comic books, etc. etc. etc. so on. It’s not exactly the most exciting plotline, but there are quite a few naked jubilies so if you dislike the story then you can flip through and look at the tits.

It’s actually really quite good, but I’ve realized that I’m a bloody critic, not a be-nice-and-rainbows person, which is why I’ve been having such trouble writing reviews of late. All the comics I read are good, unless I’ve specifically said so (*cought* Nicky510 *cough*), thus extolling their virtues is wasted. That’s mainly why most of my stuff sucks, I am a misanthropic cynic who apparently needs to make a blog (not emo I swears) and I tried being nice and now I think it has given me cancer. Advertising is for Project Wonderful, not Archive Crawl. So if I find time, I’ll be going back and “fixing” the recent, shitty reviews. And hell maybe I’ll break up the list of the next CIA assassination targets and hide them in the wayback ones for you to find.

Oh, right, the comic. It’s derivative, sometimes dragging, the plot rarely changes, and you should still go read it since I told you so, and Catalyst knows all.

Good day to you, sir!

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