Gunnerkrigg Court (Guest writer: Kitty)

Gunnerkrigg Court

By:Tom Siddell

Updates: M/W/F

Hello all! As promised today you have a guest reviewer, ME :D…this is not nearly as exciting as you were hoping it would be, eh? Well too bad, every so often when I get sick of hearing Cat whine about how much of a pain this blog is I will be writing a guest review to give him a break.

So Gunnerkrigg is one of those comics that has been one of my bookmarks forever and I haven’t the slightest idea where it came from, but it is quite excellent and I highly recommend it. The basic story is that of a girl named Antimony Carver who is a young girl sent to live at a boarding school called Gunnerkrigg Court. This comic is divided into 27 chapters and there are 720 pages total to date. The first couple of chapters are typical “OMG BOARDING SCHOOL” drivel but the art kept me intrigued and it should be noted that Antimony is not your average student, nor is Gunnerkrigg your average school, built as part of a mysterious industrial complex Gunnerkrigg Court is full of surprises from a very polite society of robots hiding in a closet to the ghost Antimony befriends. Antimony is joined on her adventures by a tech geek fellow student named Kat, as well as an intelligent stuffed wolf toy left for her by her mother. I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense but seriously, read it! It is full of alchemy and old world folktales, Antimony meets the Coyote of ancient Native American fame as well as many other familiar characters, and as I said, the first few chapters are meh but as the art and story evolve you find yourself really able to get into it and look forward to each blessedly on time update.

So that’s all folks, I will be popping up from time to time, until then best wishes ♥ Kitty

P.S.- You guys do know we can see what searches you come to this blog from, right? Soooo pretty much I am talking to you “Homestuck porn” guy, seriously, log off and rethink your life…

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