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Large Air Whales Like Silence (L.A.W.L.S.)

Denis Caron


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There are a few kinds of “random” humor: Ironic, satirical, existentialist, and utter randomness.

Ironic humor should be fairly self explanatory.

Satirical humor is used rarely and mostly to show that someone is batshit insane by having them do something utterly unrelated to the current situation, like Hillary Clinton pulling out a club sandwich made of peanuts in the middle of the State of the Union.

Existentialist randomness basically is like satirical randomness, except that insanity is the rule and not the exception. Usually it’s played with one “normal” person going BWAAAT in the middle of all the oddity.

And then there’s utter randomness. The thing that so many writers don’ t understand is that complete chaos isn’t funny. Yes, it sometimes works for things like Chainsawsuit and the like, but at least the individual comics have some kind of thought flow to them, even if they aren’t part of an overall plot. But when every frame is different and they flow from one action to the next without rhyme or reason, it isn’t funny, it’s inane.

L.A.W.L.S. falls into the last category. It seems to be one of those things that tried really, really hard to be existentialist but goes so far that it dashes itself against the cold, hard rocks. It’s really not funny or clever, it’s just…meh. I’m utterly ambivalent towards it, which is the main problem. Even if something is bad, like really bad, like so mind-blowingly horrible that it makes you want to make a bullet-sized hole in your head just to stop the pain (see Twilight for example) it still evokes emotions in you. When something it just meh, it cannot be worth it. It’s so boring that I can’t even review it other than saying that it is boring! It’s like a painful singularity!

The art’s not bad, though, which really is its own redeeming feature.

Some may criticize me, saying that I can’t say such things when I don’t make a comic myself. On the contrary, dear readers. I can write, after all you wouldn’t have read this far if I couldn’t. And you will note that I always poke holes in the plot, not the art. I can’t draw worth shit. So I criticize what I know, and I know that the plot in L.A.W.L.S. is as bad as my drawing.

Of course, if you really want to read it, there’s the link at the top. Go ahead. Click it. I dare you. Then fill my comments section about how I am wrong and should be thrown off the face of the net. However, if you feel reasonably sure that I am not stark raving mad, then skip it and move onto something better. Like putting nails through your eyes.

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