Daily Quests

Daily Quests

Kelly Meeks (a) and Andrew Manser (w)


Updates Fridays

I have a soft spot for upstart comics. They’re like babies toddlers kids they have such promise! It’s like a puppy, is more appropriate. It’s full of energy, but nine times out of ten they grow up into a boring mutt. However, some of them stay fun until they kick it down the road.

Comics kind of have the same kind of pattern. They start off well, while the writer and artist are still chock-full of ideas and enthusiasm. Alas, they also mimic babies by usually being full of crap as well. It doesn’t take long for them to drop off completely (I hear that the hump is 30 comics) or just devolve into crap. If you can get past the hump and still be good, you typically can last a while.

Fortunately, Daily Quests fell into the latter category. Yes, dear readers, you lucky few, it’s another WoW comic. But what did you expect? I’m a gamer! For the Horde, motherfuckers. Level 80 ‘lock, I’ll DOT your asses, boosting my DPS to make you QQ all the way home with your Hearthstone. Boo-yah.

…fine, I’ll put my e-peen away. I admittedly haven’t played in a while, but if you’ve ever hung out in the upper levels of WoW then all of Daily Quests should be funny to you.

Note: I usually consider anything under 50 comics (filler is a bad sign) to be “new”, since that seems to be the “we’re in the clear for sure” zone.

First, I suppose I should explain the title to those of you who haven’t played “mmopeguhs” before. A “daily quest” is an assignment that every WoW player has to do every day in order to grind out cash or tokens that can be traded in for new gear. You usually do this whenever you’re not raid-aw who am I kidding? If you don’t know this crap already then Daily Quests will be an utter disconnect.

Ah, the meat and potatoes of the comic, right. DQ is the in the “In-game mechanics/interactions” category of gaming comics, taking place entirely inside WoW. Following the misadventures of Vas and Fireuni, the nut and the stable one respectively. It makes fun of noobs, makes fun of druid-trees, makes fun of raids, everything that you might have thought while playing WoW but never put down on paper. This gives the comic that familiar kind of humor, since you probably thought of the joke while chatting with your guild and just shrugged it off. Given the context of a comic, it’s funny, of course.

I believe I give the wrong impression. Yes, some of the jokes seem familiar, but many of them are fairly original. I really got a good laugh out of the BlizCon pet joke. And when I call the jokes “familiar”, I don’t mean it in a derogatory sense. The jokes are put into humorous writing and art, so it’s not like you’re going to fall over drooling with boredom. Plus, they are relatively few. Actually, on a note, I rather like the art. I don’t know why, it just rings with me.

At any rate, it’s a good comic that I may have been too nice to due to the new nature of it coupled with the constant WoW references, but feh it’s my site I can do what I wanna. I say again, if you don’t play WoW then there is a 99% chance that you will not get any of the jokes. But if you’re like me and know your imp from your Voidwalker, then I highly recommend Daily Quests. Let’s just hope that it stays good. Hope.

Ugh, another complementary review. I really need to get off the WoW comics, I’m too fanboyish.

Also: FOR THE HORDE! Buncha pansy little flower-pickin’ elves. Or wooo you could play a HUMAN! I’m glad I spent all this time leveling up myself! Or the little fruity gnomes… or the “stout” little dwarves…

In short, as a certain lady put so eloquently in this fairly circulated comic, “NO TIPS FOR ALLIANCE SCUM”!

B.N. If anyone’s on the Garrosh server, look up “Rayst”. I might even talk to you.

P.S.S: Since there’s a massive influx today: If you want a comic reviewed, then you can request it via comment, my Twitter account, or an email to archivecrawl@yahoo.com. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Daily Quests

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  2. Playing a human could be seen as boring since we all play one every day outside of WOW. I just see it as fun because it makes me able to do things without being stereotyped into the things every other race comes with for baggage; I can be something familiar but what ever I want at the same time.

    But yeah, you can take the fruity little gnomes and such; I don’t think anyone would notice ^_~

    And Daily Quests IS a great comic, this coming from a stinkin’ ally.

  3. Heh, I get that, it makes sense. I was more making fun of all the other races. But hey, I’m a Horde man and will always be. Thus, if I wasn’t defending it with fervor, then I wouldn’t be doing my job, heh.

    Plus, according to the lore, the Alliance seems to be kind of like the ancient Roman Empire, as in it goes about with eighty degrees of jackassery. “Pax Romana” and all. After all, the Alliance has to “civilize” the Horde, even at the end of a blade.

    And if you like DQ, I recommend Complex Actions and NPC.


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