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Penny Arcade

Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik


Updates semi-regularly

Seriously, do I really need to do Penny Arcade? I feel like by not doing one makes Archive Crawl deficient somehow. Here’s the thing: everyone has heard of PA. They have a corporation. They have annual conventions. They’ve done art for D&D books. Oh, and did I mention that they are rich as shit?

Pointing out the flaws in PA kind of sounds like making fun of Doom for being complete shit. Yes, it isn’t fantastic, but it was the predecessor of every other comic to follow. You know how I always say that all the gaming comics are the same? It’s because they are mostly copying Penny Arcade‘s formula for humor. Why? Because, like I said before, PA‘s creators are rich as shit. Or at least successful.

So really, take all of the comics that I’ve done before about video games, and apply them to Penny Arcade, because they will always fit. Always. And if you’re one of those two people who just stumbled onto my site while searching for bridge tips, your parents and your friends are all dead.


So, instead of a review, I will make an announcement. While I was writing the Memorial Day piece I was overcome with the idea that I “had to” write a review to keep schedule and readers. That’s right, everyone, I am sick of writing reviews of comics exclusively. They’ve lost all joy for me. And since I’m getting bored, it probably means that the lot of you must be getting bored. This, and a steady decline of readership, has pushed me to new realms.

Thus, Archive Crawl will be expanding its borders into all kinds of geek areas, from video games to D&D, geek politics to great music. I hope to jump back into the spark of it all, in the sense that I can actually write about what I want, instead of what is next in the rotation, and therefore make actually interesting pieces. Of course, you can still contact me if you want something done, but no promises on scheduling.

The updates will still be done on MWF, but will simply vary more in topic. I may also do Tuesday and Thursday posts, but not as scheduled events.

See you on Wednesday.


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