Why Apple Is Popular

Woohooooo fiftieth non-filler post! I’ve been at this for a while now…

It comes to no surprise to anyone who knows me that I hate apple. I vehemently despise them.

Since this subject has been covered time and time again by people more eloquent than myself, I will sum up the reasons quickly.

  • Utter hostility to any kind of third-party free/shareware.
  • Rabid fanboys who will accept anything Apple puts on the market, regardless of actual value or innovation.
  • Fanboy elitism.
  • Hostility towards improving the system with independent software. Mostly I think of “jailbreaking” the iPhone. Any other kind of product would allow you to do something like that, although it would void the warrant. But Apple must be different, and they can remotely break your phone for any tampering with their “brilliant” software.
  • Jacked up prices for similar technical specs simply because it’s Apple.
  • Bypassing R&D by mimicking what other companies successfully make. You don’t have failed products when you don’t have original ideas!

The list goes on. Recently I was tweeting with Talthos of Complex Actions when he mentioned this:

“Honestly, I am not as sold on the phone as I am the card reader support for it that webcomics seem to use at Cons.”

I thought that this was interesting, and it got me thinking. What if the recent popularity of Apple isn’t due to rabid fandom, but instead because it was the first fairly functional product on the markets? Compare this to when Microsoft first came out. It was a good OS, yes, but a large amount of its use came from the fact that it became the industry standard, causing all the programs to be written for Microsoft only.

The same idea can apply to the iPhone and the iPhone X-tra Large (iPad). What if the iPhone has become the standard? Yes, there are a few new things on the market, namely phones running the Android OS, but there’s no widespread support of these phones like Apple has.

I was fairly surprised when I saw that WoW’s new mobile armory would be available for both iPhone and Android, which just goes to show the mindset that I, and extrapolating here, everyone is in. I think that the main problem is that we’ve been conditioned to think that a smartphone with all the gadgets = an iPhone. Which, of course, just isn’t true.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the other phones gain popularity. Apple is putting itself at a major disadvantage by sticking with AT&T only, since it will push people with Verizon, etc. to other phones. And once people get sick up putting up with AT&T… well, it’ll be interesting.

What do you lot think?

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