On Gold Buyers

Aka Catalyst is pissed as hell and isn’t going to stand for it anymore.

Well, everyone, my WoW account got hacked, my stuff is all gone, and the hackers are running rampant through my guild.

Who’s fault is it?


Let me give you a simple lesson in economics. If you have a product that no one buys, then you won’t be in business for long. The same principle applies to all kinds of products, including in-game currency. The fact that they are still selling gold means that people are buying it.

You know when you sign onto a test server and you have all kinds of top-tier equipment right off the bat? Is it fun having all that gear? The answer: not really. You love your gear because you worked for it. It’s meaningless if you just get it, you have to work for it.

The same applies to gold. It’s cool to have a lot of gold, but only if you work for it. Simply buying it makes it meaningless. I actually succumbed to such temptations when I was playing EVE Online, I sold two PLEXes (basically game-sanctioned money buying) and it ruined the game for me. Money became virtually meaningless, and in a game where the only benefit for doing anything is making real money, well, it’s not good.

More to the point, you’re feeding the horrible machine known as the gold farming industry. They break the games, they steal the nodes, they break the Auction Houses, and they hack accounts. But guess what: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Stop buying their gold and earn it for once, see what it really feels like.

So yeah, fuck you.

That’s all. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kick a baby.

/deepbreath. I’ll do the Girly review on Monday, when I’m not feeling sociopathic.

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