Ah, fuck, why not?


Josh Lesnick

756 pages

Relatively quick updates

Romantic comedy. If you are a regular reader, then you know how I feel about it. If not, then you don’t understand the venom that was in that phrase. But I’ve covered that before, so moving on.

My opinion on Girly is, in a word, schizophrenic. On one hand you have a brilliantly written, cynical, funny story involving various social commentaries. Interesting characters mingle together with great scenarios to make scenes that are absolutely hilarious. From the wacky antics of the psuedo-superheroines to that poor bastard the policeman, the stories appeal to both my humor and my cynical side.

And yet, there’s the romance. Every once and a while you’ll get a romantic scene. Yes, they’re usually passing quickly, but…

As much as I hate romantic comedy, I do understand that it sometimes is proper. After all, some people like that crap. However, the writing is not done well. The best descriptor that I can come up with for Girly‘s romance is “shoehorned”. It really is a cop-out for developing characters with real motivations to stay together. Apparently if you take a misanthrope and a nut then you get wuvy-duby gooshy-wooshy love. There’s something of a disconnect in their motivations, in the sense that they really don’t exist, not in a persuasive way at least. This is not good story-telling. Also lots of lesbian sex for no clear reasons other than because apparently he thinks that lesbians just fuck all day long.

In short, Girly is a well-written, clever comic that has an unfortunate amount of lame romance. Luckily you can pretty much tell when the bad sap is starting and stopping, so feel free to skip past that and read only the good material.

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