Contest Rules

Okay, everyone, here’s the deal.

I am holding a comic contest. Make a comic, of any kind, and send it in to with the name you want it posted under and an email I can contact you at. I will pick the grand prize winner, as well as three additional Honorable Mentions to be hosted on the site. Due date is Monday, June 28th.

And while I do like to decieve myself, I know that my approval isn’t exactly prize-worthy. So, I will gift (via Steam) a game of 10$ or less to whoever wins. This may not seem like much, but it’s more icing on the cake than anything. Plus, you can get any of the HL2 series, etc….

A few rules

1. Everything entered is under an non-restricting Creative Commons license.

2. It must be original work. And by that I mean that you haven’t used it for something else, including posting it on your own website/comic site. I will be “reverse image searching” the winners to ensure this. The reason for this is that I want to give people a chance to show something that they couldn’t host before.

3. People who run their own comic sites can enter, as long as it’s original work. I don’t want tomorrow’s update, people. If you do decide to update with your submission in the future, please link back to the page of winners so that others can get press too…

4. Cake jokes/”Its over 9000!”/so on aren’t funny, so I wouldn’t try.

5. You can submit art pieces as long as they tell a story. Examples of the “story” aspect includes something like XKCD, where it’s all one page but still has a point.

6. While being artistically skilled helps, don’t let your lack of artistic skill stop you. Good writing can definitely compensate.

6. I’ll be grading by a point scale. Since this is basically a popularity ploy for all your amateur artists/writers, every time someone mentions that you referred them here in their submission emails it will net you a bonus point for your own submission. Of course, this won’t win you the contest on its own, but it can help. Also, retweeting one of my announcements about the contest will net you something, I can and will see if you do.

So, that’s all. You can follow me on Twitter for updates on the proceedings, if you wish.

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