World of Warcraft, Eh?

You know, there’s something wonderfully peaceful and familiar about writing these reviews. I’ve done so many… sometimes it’s nice to think inside the box. It’s comfy there.

And don’t forget that the comic contest is still on until Monday, details a few posts below.

World of Warcraft, Eh?

Kelly Aarons


Updates AP (as produced), average about 1/week.

Ah, yes, the WoW comic. Such a staple of our time. It’s a gaming comic, a social-interaction comic, and a slice-of-(virtual)-life comic all rolled into one! Who wouldn’t enjoy it?

Well, I can’t really say. I liked it, yes, but I also play WoW, so I’m not an impartial judge. But I will try to play the outside role here.

<Hike pants, push glasses back on nose with determined look>

WowEh follows the adventures of Cadistra, the Tauren druid, and Kissless, a Blood-elf paladin, as they wander through the adventures of the Horde. For those of you who didn’t get that, “Druid cow and elf with shield and sword (not the tree-hugging variety) run through lots of deserts”. There’s a lot of WoW humor (duh) but it’s presented in a way that feels like it’s a normal joke comic, simply with WoW settings and characters instead of normal people. For example, the jokes in the first three comics are, respectively, <spoiler>running to the parking meter before it runs out, the environment is cold so global warming is crap, and American beer sucks.  </spoiler> Bear in mind, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, the jokes may be a bit mundane but they are easily understood by anyone without severe brain damage, even if they don’t play WoW. Hell, depending on how severe the damage is…

One of the interesting things about WoWEh that struck me was the presence of a story. Normally, these WoW comics are simply done in a “hurr durr funny game mechanic”, which generally works. However, WoWEh took another path by making an actual, serious story. And no, not the abrupt miscarriage of a plot line that’s become a rather unfortunate viral bit, we’re talking an actual story here. Basically, they revolve around how the two main characters grew on each other, adventuring together, and so on. It’s actually rather well done, it tells the story well without dragging, and the characters are interesting enough to have actual personalities. In an age of sock puppets with faces, it’s nice to see characterization.

I’d make a comment about implied lesbianism, because I know that some of you are thinking it, but I’m not going to. Why? It’s Because I’d have to be a thirteen-year-old boy to give a shit about that. The internet is already saturated with twats that assume that two women can’t simply be comrades without having some kind of tryst going on as well.

Overall, it’s a clever comic that actually tries to have a story and <gasp> character development. I look forward to future updates.

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