The Escapist

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I’ve mentioned the Escapist quite frequently on my site, and I suppose that it’s time that they get their due credit.

The Escapist


The Escapist is a website that revolves around an online gaming publication that they put out called, you guessed it, The Escapist. The “e-zine” follows gaming trends, yes, but it also frequently features fairly deep articles on the sociological trends and psychological backings of the gamingworld. I find these articles fascinating, in a “Wow… I can totally see that. Am I really that simple?” kind of way.

Of course, like most people, I was drawn to the Escapist by Zero Punctuation, a video game review short done by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, a fast-talking, humor-making, swearing Brit-turned-Aussie. It’s brilliant, although it has shown me the dangers of being a fanboy. I love Yahtzee, I do, but I’ve found myself disappointed by his new videos. I don’t think that they’ve gotten worse, not at all. My perception is skewed by the fact that I’ve watched the old ones so many times that I expect every single video to be absolutely brilliant. This is counter to how I approach most things, expecting them to be utter crap. Still, you can find the videos here.

Apart from Yahtzee, who holds the status of a minor god on the site, there are quite a few other video series. I can recommend the Escapist News Network. Think of ENN like the Onion, just with video games, and you’ll feel right at home.

Other than that, I can’t say that I’ve particularly enjoyed many other series. Unskippable, a series where they watch intro cinematics in proper MST3000 fashion,  is occasionally good.

I Hit It With My Axe describes itself as “D&D with strippers”, refer to my piece on booth babes and you can probably guess my opinion of this bit.

Escape to the Movies isn’t bad, but all of the reviews are too nice. I don’t mean that I expect him to ride every movie into the ground, good or not, that’s unfair to the movies. I mean that I get a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that someone is forcing him to say nice things about the movies. This is basically the problem that I had with Playstation Magazine, back when I subscribed to it. After a long period of reading good reviews about games that many people said were crap, I started to wonder if the reviewers weren’t getting paid off. It made me lose faith in everything that the reviewers had to say. The same concept applies to Escape.

Other than that, I haven’t had time to explore the rest of it. However, this brings me to the forums. The Escapist website has a fairly advanced forum system, including ranks, achievements, logos, all of it. It’s rather entertaining. Of course, it’s a forum and therefore driven by the community, but it still can hold its own with people passing through.

And now, since it’s Friday, I bring you Critical Miss, a webcomic that won a spot on the Escapist.

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