Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Will Be Terrible. Sorry.

It’s true.

So many people are looking forward to the movies. I feel bad for them. Why? Because I know that it’s going to suck harder than a million-dollar prostitute.

I’ve always tried to take the “if you’re not expecting much then anything good will be a happy surprise” path, which has panned out for the best more times than I care to remember. And yet, in this case I think that I’m justified in the case of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, if only because of sheer probability.

Many people have tried to point out that Edgar Wright, is directing the movie. Here’s the problem with that: he’s a brilliant director when he’s running off of pure creativity. Shawn of the Dead was great, as was Hot Fuzz. However, when it comes to basing a movie off source material with a rabid fanbase? He trips up. Hell, he made The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and I think that we can agree on the terrible nature of that movie. Okay, he acted in it, but still, he was associated.

This really isn’t a fault of Wright, however, most movies that are based off of other people’s work are fairly terrible when compared to the source. The only one that is really pointed to as proof of a good transition would be The Lord of the Rings, that that was really only good because it put the story into a context that was understandable without having to take notes.

I should rephrase my statement. SPvsW is going to be bad if you’ve read the books. Which, considering the universal fandom, is likely, but not guaranteed. I’ve never read them, although I probably should, although I suppose it would be filled to the brim with *gag* romantic comedy…


Fanboyism is a dangerous force, we can agree on that. However, it’s not fanboyism that is the issue. Look at it this way: you’re probably been a fan of an author before, probably reading a book. One day you pick up a book with an author picture on it. Did you think “Oh, yeah, that seems right”? Probably not. This is because we unconsciously form ideas about the book that aren’t shared by others, whether it’s how the characters look or how they speak, how they move, whatever. The first one isn’t really an issue in graphic novels, although Ramona look kind of weird in the live action compared to the book… but the others and more like them apply. Even the details that they left out might piss you off, or perhaps that favorite scene of yours gets completely ruined because they did it differently than what you thought it was. So on and so forth.

I suppose if you’re going to see the movie after reading the books, let me say this: You are going to be disappointed. It might be good, but it’ll never live up to your unrealistic expectations. Thus, steel yourself before entering. Forget as much as you can about the books, and just enjoy the movie as a movie. Otherwise? Ehhhhh.

One thought on “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Will Be Terrible. Sorry.

  1. Ahem… Let me gather my thoughts here… WRONG! I saw the movie the night it came out, still absolutely amazing. I even read all six of the graphic novels less than 3 weeks before it came out. It is true several scenes were cut to make time, but it is, on a whole, very accurate to the source material. And the complaint about Ramona looking weird in movie compared to the novel, it is expected when a highly “cartoonized” series swaps to live actors. I still felt that the casting was pretty spot on for most of the characters. The ending did depart from the books quite a bit but so did Watchmen and its still considered an accurate movie. Before I close my rant I’m just going to say, seriously pick up the books. The romance still is a large part and the main plot device but if you go into the graphic novels expecting a bunch of romantic comedy then prepare to be pleasantly disappointed. It still is a gamer/nerd humor series and expecting otherwise is just bad research on such a popular series.

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