I am by no means a sensitive person with his finger on the pulse of the world every second of the day, mostly because I believe that major governments are the puppets of others. Plus, my feelings towards mass media is “Don’t wholeheartedly believe in a piece of information unless you extensively research it, and even there’s only a 50% chance that you have the majority of the truth”. However, even my world-oblivious mind can see that the crap that spouts from the face-orifices of Americans is horrid.

I originally was going to do a piece on digital distribution, but then I logged onto my YouTube account to set some writing music. Settling on Jib Jab’s “It’s Time For Some Campaignin’ ” (I have a varied favorites list…), I accidentally hit the scroll bar to show the comments section. Now, I make a rule of keeping off of the “commons” of the internet (such as YouTube comments or most trending topics on Twitter) but this one drew me in simply because it was so insane. How, in this “enlightened” age, do people manage to argue for years about Obama being black and (my favorite falsehood) his being Muslim? One of those things is an outright misnomer, and the other shouldn’t be an issue. And yet, ignorant people keep shoving the same things around for reasons that are beyond me.

That brings me to Muslims. I’m an atheist, so I find all religion rather silly, but it drives me insane how Americans continually blame things on the “Muslims”, as if they all got together in a single mosque and planned the downfall of mankind. Religion is based entirely around interpretation, a fact that has bred untold numbers of Judeo-Christian sects, groups that members of which will slug you if you dare assume that they belong to another. Try telling a Protestant that he’s Catholic because it’s “the same thing” and see where that gets you. And yet, Muslims are immune from this effect? Hell, now they’re talking about stopping the construction of a mosque near the 9/11 site? That’s like saying that Catholics can’t build a church anywhere in France. Utter nonesense. Crazy people find their own reasons to be crazy, and that breeds things like Al-Qaeda and Waco. It’s no different.

As for politics in general: let’s pretend for five minutes that politics isn’t entirely smoke and mirrors and the opinions of the general populace actually mattered. Not that the general man has the mind to make a real opinion in the realm of politics, but while we’re in fantasy land let’s throw a brain in everyone as well. People need to learn to move outside their political parties. Unfortunately, our winner-take-all system forces parties to make platforms “for the masses”, but for the love of kittens please vote according to what the person is saying, not what your party lines are. I know diehard Republicans and fanatical Democrats, and let’s be frank, they’re both insane. If we’re going to force ourselves to have one person take the entire pot, we can’t have half the country hating him simply because he’s outside the party that they voted for. And if you think that you’re hating because he’s <insert political thing here> then you’re going to hell for lying. Most of the opposition that I’ve witnessed follows party lines directly. Yes, I’m generalizing, but since I can’t observe your specific case, I can’t make exact calls, now can I?

Lastly, I implore every single one of you, don’t believe anything that you hear. I’ve heard that the key to watching/reading the news is learning to spot bias and move around it, but let’s face it, every source has someone pulling the strings somewhere. You could piece together everything in the world about a subject and never get the entire truth, because that’s just how the world works. And yet, so many people take the news at face value. For an example, look at the idol worship that some of the news figures get, like Ann Coulter or Bill O’Reilley (yeah, I know that those are both Fox but they’re just an example). All I’m saying is this: if you want to claim that you know that absolute truth then you need to look at the source material and draw your own conclusions. A painter that views his subject through a warped mirror will never catch the true image, no matter how he bends it.

/sigh. Sorry everyone, I try not to get political but this has put me off for a while. I know that the above was rambling and badly done, I’m afraid that I tend to write as things come to my mind when I’m doing improv, but such is life. Cheers.

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