Wasted Talent

Sorry for the late nature of this, I’ve had a long weekend… and not of the holiday kind. Short one today.

Wasted Talent

Angela Melick

471 comics

Updates weekly

Yet another slice of life comic, this one in the shoes of a mechanical engineer named Jam.

I am not an engineer myself, so while reading this comic I did occasionally feel like some of the humor was going over my head, but as a whole it is rather good. The stories, which would probably be incredibly dull in most circumstances, are presented in a way that makes them interesting enough to enjoy, a la Sketchfevor! and the like. This is really the most important trait for a comic to have; the creator must be able to make the mundane interesting. Even when the “mundane” revolves around the efficiency of industrial fans. Plus, they’re written in a way that is mostly accessible to the common person (such as myself) so don’t let my first note scare you off.

I also enjoyed the art style. It has that specific kind of style that is between the high- and low-trends, a quality sketchform if you will. Yet another example of a comic that values form and function over detailed drawings, a style choice that I would support every day of the week. There’s no real point to making something with loads of detail if your overall style is utterly lacking.

WT doesn’t have any long-lasting problems, but it does occasionally slip into the mindset that screwing with the language internet-style is a good replacement for humor. It doesn’t work for LOLcats (if you have half a brain) and it doesn’t work here. Also, there’s the everpresent problem with slice-of-life comics that are done in an autobiographical sense in that you may feel disconnected from the story enough to not care… it depends on your mindset.

Personally, I enjoyed Wasted Talent in a “mild chuckle” kind of way, as in it’s mildly funny with especially good bits spaced throughout, but it rarely makes you guffaw. Perhaps I lack the background to truly appreciate it, I’m not sure. Still, it’s good for good times.

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