Nerf NOW!!

Today is my 100th post! I remember back when this site was nothing but a knee-jerk reaction to an idle conversation with a friend. Now look at me… I even have readers! Thank you all for your patronage over the half-year (HALF a YEAR?!) than I’ve been doing this. It’s been a blast.

Cheers! Here’s to another 100! With love, Catalyst.

Nerf NOW!!

Josué Pereira (“JoPereira”)


Updates semi-regularly

I actually already wrote this review, twice, and each time I got screwed by my computer. Thus, let’s make this quick and nasty because, let’s face it, Nerf NOW!! is a gaming comic and they’re all the same, as I’ve been saying for the last 100 posts. Plus, I’m sick of writing this. Here we go!

Nerf NOW!! (exact title) is a gaming comic written by JoPerira. To be more specific, it’s a Team Fortress 2 comic with chunky bits of Starcraft, as well as various but small game leeks thrown in for taste. If you don’t play TF2 then you probably won’t like Nerf NOW!!, as it’s really not accessible to the “common man”. However, most gamers have, so it’s really not an issue.

The comic is broken up into short, multi-update story lines revolving around TF2 or Starcraft in a couple cases. The TF2 ones are normally played straight-faced, oddly enough, which is counter to the usual gaming comic formula of “look the zergling is trying to harvest a chair hurr hurr”. Er, I mean that most comics simply go the “game concept in a different setting” but NN!! tends to stay within game parameters, simply using the game to tell a story more than to make humor. Of course, there is plenty of silly stuff, but the actual stories are a refreshing break from the formula.

The art is also pretty good, with most of the detail in the characters, where it counts. After all, you can only draw the backdrop of 2Fort so well, so the focus really should be on the characters. Jo draws the units as attractive females, or as having female counterparts, so that raises an obvious question. The answer is recommendations to not google images search his screen name in a public place. It does look a bit cartoony, but that’s the style so it’s right on the nose.

It’s a gaming comic, so fill in the blanks. Let me put it this way: it sits on my Firefox RSS toolbar, right between Hark, A Vagrant! and Penny Arcade, it’s that good. If you’ve played TF2 or have a passing knowledge of it, then you’ll probably enjoy Nerf NOW!!, otherwise stay away.

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