And Now For A Fireside Talk About Compassion

(This will not be a nice, well-written, or entertaining post. You may hate me afterward reading this. You have been warned.)


So, yeah. You know that woman that everyone was up in arms about because she claimed that someone randomly threw acid in her face? It was a hoax, free and clear. Those wounds were self-inflicted, and she made up the entire story. For what? Cheap thrills? Attention? The eventual funds that came in to pay for her medical bills? No one knows.

Personally, I hope that they prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. Yes, she may be insane, but she was coherent enough to make up a complicated story and stuck with it relatively well. This isn’t like the murderer-insane where someone completely loses touch with reality and falls into a hellscape, losing control of their actions. No, this woman was only a little bit crazy, other than that she’s just an attention-seeking bitch that had an ego so large that she made up an attacker that hated her for being “pretty”. I hope that she gets jailed for stealing every penny that was sucked out of the town’s compassion.

And that’s what we need to talk about: Compassion. Websters defines compassion as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”. In short, you want to help others because you “feel bad” for them. Now, compassion is a dangerous thing, and it is normally controlled with discretion and only given out to those who really need it. If this was a real case and not a crazy fantasy then maybe she would have deserved compassion. However, I want you to read some of the comments that were left on the article that I linked to, the one clearly describing that it was all bullshit. Never mind the ones about racism, despite the fact that they make up about half of them. Let’s cherry pick some of the better ones out.

“I still feel sorry for her. I think she has a mental illness and needs help. Let’s not condemn her. She needs our prayers and support to overcome her”

“I am so sorry for this vulnerable human being. Can you imagine throwing acid on your face? Can you imagine the desperation she must have been feeling?”

or my favorite: “It really shows how certain member of society will behave when trying to seek revenge! The method and means used are extra-ordinary, clever –as they are divergent– and so dysfunctional! Is it pure coincidence that it was a woman who invent something like this?”

Seriously? Seriously? You feel bad for her, or even congratulate her? The fuck is wrong with you?

People, I know that it feels good to feel bad for people. It allows you to circumvent those nagging feelings that normally go away with actual work towards helping people directly. But it seems that some of these people are more insane than the acid-girl. Standing up and defending something that is so clearly wrong to any sane person who views it is a concept so counter to any conventional logic that it blows my mind. Its it a knee-jerk reaction? Is it a value instilled in childhood, where “feel bad for the sick” evolved into “feel bad for everyone”?

I know that I’m going to get a ton of flak for saying this, but I file this case with drug addicts, as they garner the same kind of sympathies as I’ve pointed out. Yes, that includes alcoholics and the like. It’s true, there may be biological factors that makes it more likely for you to develop alcoholism. However, it’s still your fault that it develops, and it’s your fault that it continues. Okay, so it’s hard to break the habit, whether you’re an alcoholic or just nuts like the Munchausens cases. But when your condition interferes with others on a large scale, the excuse of “I can’t quit” or “I can’t get help” becomes meaningless. There’s no way in hell that a case of alcoholism would get you off the hook for harming your children, but having Munchausens or a similar “condition”? Oh, it’s okay then. Help the poor dear. S/he can’t help it.


If you can function enough to walk the streets, drive a car, have a job, etc. then you are functional enough to stand trial and receive punishment for what you have done, especially in jail time. If you can’t function then you need to be put into a controlled facility where you can be dealt with safely, so it all adds up to the same sum.

Note that I am NOT talking about people who were born with an acute mental condition and have to have special treatment for it, such as those with autism and the like. I’m only referring to people who try to pin their crimes against others on a mental condition that could be under their control.

I may sound like a complete bastard, but it’s the truth. I have no doubt that this page, if posted in a place where a large number of people would read it, would fill my inbox with venom from all the people who had relatives with “conditions”, telling me that “I don’t understand”. And that’s right, I don’t understand the mind of an alcoholic, or a psychopath. And that puts me at about the same level as every single person that isn’t the one with the “condition”. The human mind is a vast and complex thing that we cannot pretend to comprehend. However, I do know the end result of such “conditions”, from something as relatively mundane as a drunk-driving death to a woman stealing attention and money from half a nation. Call me a bastard all you want, but I’m simply being pragmatic, for the good of the whole. Stop coddling the nuts and either get them serious help in the form of a mental hospital, or lock them away for their crimes. Those are our options.

I apologize for the outbursts, but such things really nag at me in such a way. Please don’t hate me. And if you do… well, that doesn’t make me wrong.

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