Rosscott, Inc. /"The System"

Rosscott, Inc.

Rosscott (Duh)

432 pages

Updates MWF, mostly.

I’ve said before that a comic can support a following with simplistic or just plain terrible art if the writing was good enough to hold its own. Rosscott, Inc. is a prime specimen for experimentation on. Does it work? Let’s see!

Rosscot, Inc.‘s visual style is basically the arrangement of all those little symbols that you see on information signs, the International Symbols Signs according to the website. There’s no additional art, simply rearrangements of the symbols, which is respectable enough. Why not use something that’s standardized and instantly recognizable, especially in a comic that focuses on (and is named after) the System? It’s a rational choice. However, this turns the comic into a real-life version of a sprite comic, so it won’t win many points for style in my book.

But here’s the thing that matters. Does Rosscott, Inc. feature writing that is good enough to justify a following? The answer: “mostly”.

If I had to describe the humor of The System in one word, I’d probably do it in fifty. If held at gunpoint, however, I’d probably say “erratic”. While I can’t expect every update to be solid gold, there is a lot of pieces that just seem like filler. So many comics in the archive are simply nothing, while others seem to just be a description of some mundane task that Rosscott was doing that day. While this is a staple of comics in every sense of the word, you have to find absurdity in it or else you’re just blogging. And no one likes bloggers, the ego-maniacal fucks.

However, there are quite a few bits that are pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. You just have to dig through all the boring “filler” to get to it.

Here’s a protip: The guy loves cycling and the dog is a murderer. Now, if you find yourself getting bored with the first comics (and you will), just read the archive backwards. The newer material is much better, and there isn’t a lot of “running gags” that require you to follow them from start to finish. Some of it may seem odd, but I told you the only big common threads of thought in the beginning of this paragraph.

Overall, I enjoyed The System. I don’t know that I’d sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation for every update, but it was worth a chuckle. If you find yourself with excess time that needs to be legally disposed of, you could do a lot worse.

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