Journal (Page 4)

Another restless night. Thoughts flying about my head, I decided that my sleeplessness should be put to constructive use. A few additions to the fort were completed by sunrise, with a small chest for holding tools in one corner and a rudimentary bed in the other. Not that I’ll get much use out of the latter, I fear, but it is worth the attempt. A door is now fitted into the wall, allowing for much easier exit and entry. I doubt that the “monsters”, as I called them before, will try to open it, as they are simple actors.

This confidence has its roots in Gavril’s confession from the day before. A nagging doubt lingered in that the rest of the actors might be more, shall I say, “dedicated” to the farce. However, I can probably rest assured that they will avoid causing me harm if they can.

A man must be prepared, however. An emergency escape route, if you can call it that, was another addition under the cover of night. To be truthful, it is nothing more than a vertical shaft with a ladder attached leading to a hallway, which in turn ends with a hidden hole in the mountainside that I so precariously perch upon. It is well hidden, however, and may serve me in the future.

Attempts to probe deeper into the island have been fairly unsuccessful. While the strange properties that Gavril described seem to be present in all the materials on the surface, there has been little in the way of an underlying infrastructure. It’s as if I am trapped in a child’s pile of blocks, looking for a way out of the toybox. Today will mostly consist of gathering wood and coal for creating torches and ladder, as well as gathering food. You see, I believe that there must be some sort of technology that runs under the island, and I plan to dig as far as I can until I find it. Wish me luck, my love.


Success! I dug for hours, losing picks and torches all the way, but my predictions seem to be correct! There seems to be a massive layer of wiring deep beneath the surface of the island. Moving along the layer eventually bore fruit as I found an access panel, although why a panel would be present in such a place is beyond me. Perhaps for maintenance?

Opening the panel revealed a ladder leading down into the darkness. Steeling myself and taking my sword in hand, I dropped a torch down the hole and slide down the ladder after it.

What I saw when I reached the bottom was only mildly surprising. Then again, I couldn’t be shocked at this point  if a Lovecraftian horror showed up for tea.

The scene around me was filled with various glowing pipes, leading away like veins in the body of the earth. I couldn’t tell what was in the pipe, as each was filled with a mess of colors. A solid mass would bump against the translucent sides on occasion, revealing the small squares being channeled through the system. Said masses were only the size of a grape, and their function utterly escaped me.

Confused and quickly running out of torches, I decided to return to the surface for now. Erasing my tracks and resealing the hatch as I left, I ensured that no one would know of my intrusion. Tomorrow I will set out at first light to explore the underground facility. It will be dangerous, yes, but my choices are limited at this point. Wish me luck, love.

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