Journal (Page 5)

This will be my final entry in this journal, as I fear that these moments may be my last on this world. I’ve been… permitted to write an entry in this journal; I only hope that someone will get a hold of this.

Following the tubes that I found yesterday resulted in my stumbling into a large, cavernous room with an even larger variety of pipes and silos. It could probably be described by comparing it to a chemist’s workstation, with a million confusing tubes running all over the room. Following the line took quite a while, but I eventually ended up at a brightly lit storage area filled with those tiny blocks from the pipes. The room looked like a swimming pool for a geometry fetishist, with gigantic piles of the bits everywhere.

I suppose my first mistake was walking into a room with a heavy door without checking the surroundings first. Not five minutes of sifting through the piles passed before the entry slammed closed behind me, pitching me into utter blackness. Despite my shaking hands, I managed to start a torch. It didn’t matter, though. I was trapped.

My attempts to break through the walls of the room with my pick were useless, they seemed to be covered with a coating that prevented any contact with the blocky wall behind. The door itself must have been imported, because it looked similar to any iron door that you might find on the mainland. Perhaps off of the scientist’s boat? At any rate, I’ve bloodied my fists and hurt my legs by attempting to break down the door; it still stands at this moment, mocking me.

A hidden speaker, another anomaly of the design, came to life with a screech, followed by a raspy voice. It sounded like an old man, voice gone raw with overuse, but another sound was present in the background. I suppose the only way to describe it is to guess at the origin; it sounded like the voice was being played off a highly damaged audiotape. Of course, this is speculation.

“So, your curiosity finally got the best of you, eh? Good for you, too few of my visitors find their inner explorer, they just opt to starve to death on the surface. Or, if they fail at that, we do have,” he cleared his throat, “‘garbagemen.’ You found your way here, my friend, and you will receive your prize”.

“You see, I’ve discovered the secret to immortality in these blocks. Your little friend was right to call it an infection, yes, we know about him. He’s been dealt with. Anyways, the blocks that you see before you have the ability to convert your cells into living stone, while retaining most of the motor functions that you possess now. You should be glad that you’re one of the brighter ones, a few of my guests tried to eat the leaves off of the trees and turned into non-living rock. As you might guess, the stones must be converted into a usable form in order to avoid instant death”.

“It has taken me years upon years and many more subjects than I can remember, but I’m getting close to perfection. If I can make a flawless stone then I can stave off death until, well, forever! And you can do the same, my friend”.

“I won’t lie, it’s dangerous. There is a very high chance that you will suffer massive mental damage in the process of transformation, leaving you without high-level logic. And even if that doesn’t occur, there are still bugs in the system. For example, the rock-breaking methods that you’ve undoubtedly discovered will work on you, as well as falling from great distances. Having joints and a head makes your body fragile, after all”.

“Also, well, how do I put this?” the voice said, quizzically. After a spell, it started speaking again, slowly. “You know of my workers, correct? It seems that the transformation changes your sight in a strange way, which results in the man seeing my workers as actual monsters. Isn’t that odd? I should have that bug worked out in a few months or so”.

“But think of the advantages! You’ll never die, only deconstruct. I have a device that can pull similar pieces back together, you can never permanently perish. You won’t have to eat, or drink. You’ll be a god! All you have to do is swallow one of those blocks”.

The tape clicked off, leaving me in silence.

Of course, I wasn’t going to swallow a brick, I was rather fond of being human. At first. However, spending hours in that prison cell does tend to make you rather famished, especially since I didn’t bring a lot of food. This was supposed to be a short trip, just a hop down a hallway, and I hadn’t expected the processing plant to be so close to my home. I attempted to figure out whether consuming a small amount of the blocks would nourish me without “changing” me, but I couldn’t chance it.

My silence was broken after a day by the same recorded voice. Clicking to life, the speaker spat out a tone of disgust. “Since my sensors report that you’re still flesh and blood, I take it that you’ve rejected my very generous gift. I tried to be nice, but I can see that you’re not the type for kindness. Well, that’s unfortunate for you. After all, I need my data for this new batch, and you’re the one that is going to give it to me. You are going to swallow that block, and then you will return to the surface, destroying all of your tunnels and structures on the way until you reach the reassembler on the shore. I will observe your movements from then on, and use that data to further perfect my project. That door ahead of you will open when it senses that everything in the room is stone, and not a moment before. Thus, unless you have a strong desire to take up auto-cannibalism, I suggest you follow my orders and swallow a block”.

The speaker squealed off with an angry grunt.

I don’t know what will become of me. If I can’t find my way out of here, I may have to take the chance with the blocks. After all, it has to be better than starving to death, right?

The writing changes as the new paragraph begins, becoming much more shaky and smeared.

I gotta do it. Im so hungry. I ate everything that I could find but I cant help it anymore. The nice doctor said that he would plant his reassembler on the shoreline so that I would never die, I can live forever. Maybe Ill see you again, my love. I might be a monster, but Ill still love you and that is enough.

Its now or never. Wish me luck.

All the remaining pages are blank.

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