The Flame Warriors

Because what the hell.

The Flame Warriors

Mike Reed

“Active”, I think?

We all know that there are people on the internet that fall into certain archetypes. We all know the Troll, the White Knight, the Admins/Mods. But are there more? Mike Reed thinks so, and he’d like to share.

The Flame Warriors is a collection of these characters, each entry containing a description, name, and pencil drawing of the culprit. It’s not a huge archive, but it’s definitely exhaustively done.

And some of them are fairly clever, I must admit. Most of them revolve around the idea of being, well, warriors; they fight on the intellectual battleground that are the forums. It’s interesting to see how they do battle, from a comical perspective of course. Each entry is fairly concise, but that’s all right. Hey, it’s probably a good thing; it allows each person to be a popcorn tidbit and the characters never lose their appeal halfway through reading the note.

That being said, I wouldn’t hang around after you get through it. Like I said, it’s popcorn fun, and I have no idea if he actively posts more characters. While there is activity on the forums, who knows if he’s still paying attention?

So, yeah, there’s that. Enjoy it. Now, I think I’m going to devour another chicken and go to sleep. Anemia is awesome!