Happy Birthday!

I updated once, then once again in the same day?! Don’t worry, dear readers, I haven’t gone insane and you’re not stuck in a time-warp where weeks have become hours. No, I’m posting again because of one very special thing.

It’s Archive Crawl‘s First Birthday!

That’s right! My first post, a god-awful review of Questionable Content, was posted on my shiny new WordPress blog on March 23rd, 2010. Since then I’ve redesigned the site, did it again, and again, then moved onto Archivecrawl.com for my very own site. My writing has changed over and over again, drastically altering how the reviews were written. I’ve laughed. I’ve been down. I’ve persevered, and now we’ve hit 151 published pages and one year of running!

I really can’t believe that I’ve been at this for so long. It has been a blast, let me tell you that.

A few people to thank

  • I would like to thank my friends for putting up with me while I spouted off about my blog, back before I realized that no one wants to hear about it.
  • Many thanks to the folks at Complex Actions, Daily Quests, Motokool/Nerf This, Roscott Inc., Chimneyspeak, and TOGM for referring back to me. Those pageviews mattered more than you might guess. Sadly. If I’ve forgotten you on this list then I’m SO SORRY but I love you still.
  • Thank you to all the artists that create the works that I review, your coattails are very soft. Also, thank you for not getting uppity in the legal sense when things didn’t turn out for the best.
  • A special thank you to Talthos of Complex Actions, who was my first fan on the internet and inspired me to keep working on Archive Crawl even when I was gettingone pageview a day, if I was lucky. Yes, Tal, I know that sounds creepy. But it’s true.

And, of course, a thousand thanks to my READERS!

I know that a blog actually requires a bit of effort to read compared to your standard internet fare, especially my 1000+ word articles. I appreciate your soldiering through. I hope that it has been fun.

Cake for everyone. And let’s go for another year!


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