Between Failures

Between Failures

I’m back with a real review this time! I know, crazy.

As a side note, I’ve decided to implement a ten point number scale, something I’ve avoided in the past for various reasons. It’s making an appearance because I’ve noticed that all my reviews have had to end the same way, with a bland recommendation. No scale there, just “read it if you want”. So hopefully this will allow some more freedom.

A note about the numbers, though. I will not be using a Four Point Scale. 5/10 is an average comic. 6/10 is a bit above average. 10/10 would have to utterly blow my mind beyond any real boundaries, which means you will probably never see it.

To give scale, here’s some retroactive scores:

Dresden Codak 8.5/10 (Still my favorite comic of all time, but it’s not without its flaws)

Hark! A Vagrant 7/10

Questionable Content 7/10

Nerf NOW!! 6.5/10

NPC 5/10

Menage a 3 6/10

Nicky510 2/10

New Comic: Gaia


BREAKING NEWS: The creators of Sandra and Woo are making a swords-and-high-magic fantasy webcomic, updating in parallel to S&W. It’s called Gaia, and it looks promising.

I still catch up with S&W from time to time, it is still wonderfully written, witty, and some other nice words that begin with W. The art and the dialogue seem to have carried over well, which is excellent. My only concern is that the writing will lose some power when moving from a primarily comedic world to a relatively serious plot. However, we’re only eighteen pages in, which is barely the first page when it comes to fantasy stories, let alone the first act. There are some gems in the available pages that give me hope, still, and I certainly recommend keeping your eye on this comic.