Awkward Zombie

Awkward Zombie

Katharine Chandler Tiedrich


Updates occasionally

Yet another nerd comic. Pokemans and WoW joke abound. I’m not really sure how to describe this past this. It’s funny, it’s easy to crawl through, etc. etc.

Its not exactly groundbreaking, it’s a gaming comic. But it’s good, if rarely updated.

Really, I don’t know how to go past this. AZ falls into the “In-game humor” category of gaming comics, where the author implants herself in it then “Gawrsh, this gameplay mechanic sure is strange, eh”? This is the opposite of the whole “apply gaming logic to the real world” kind. It’s kind of cookie cutter, but hey, if you want variety then there is a really nice hipster bar down the street, I hear that they like that band you’ve never heard of.

Now I log before i get a trojan.

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