Cheer Up, Emo Kid

Cheers to the good folks on the Escapist forums for this comic!

Cheer Up, Emo Kid

Enzo Santos


Updates semi regularly

Cynical and dark, just the way I like them. Follow the adventures of a man with a booth as he jumps through all kinds of relationship, social, and internet situations with all the grace and style of a hedgehog wrapped in razors. And it’s goddamn funny. It makes fun of the “depressed”, emo culture (hence the name), throwing in an arc explaining the emo background of the character, etc and thus so on. Maybe my cynical self identifies with the sociopathic main character (wait, exactly that) but I found this hilarious. And the actual visual design isn’t so bad as well, it even includes some flash.

Basically, if you  love dark comedy, then you’ll love this. Or if you just have a general disdain for everyone. Especially the morbidly obese. *shiver*
Sorry for the short review, but I’m off to Florida for the week! I’ll see you on Friday. Or maybe Monday. Anyways, toodles!

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