Complex Actions

Complex Actions

Talthos and SilkSpinner (Pen names, for those of you who are twits)


Updates MWF

“OH SHEET. Look out, here comes Cat with another gaming comic, surprise surprise, what does he have a folder filled with these modular stories and sprites? I bet he just sits at home and lustfully stares at pictures of World of Warcraft men in skimpy leather clothing. What an ass.”

Well, fuck you all, because Complex Actions… is pretty much the same as all of them. Let’s face it, I’ve said this a thousand times before: Gaming comics are all pretty much the same. Actions follows the “Make fun of gameplay mechanics in-game” path of writing, focusing mainly around World of Warcraft, of all things. I know, crazy, right? There are quite a few off WoW (namely L4D and D&D, both of which I can approve of), but it’s pretty focused in an overall sense. Everything that they do has been done and…


Not necessarily better. Yes, a lot of the jokes have been told before and some of the stories tend to drag a bit, but overall it’s still a pretty good experience. It’s written cleverly, making you laugh at jokes you might have heard a thousand times before, there’s something about the way that it’s written that rings true for me. It’s one of those comics that I shouldn’t really enjoy, where I tell myself “It’s derivative, you’ve heard this joke before.”, and then laugh still. It has a spell on me… hold on, I need to go find a priest.

<We will be back after these commercials. ♫♪♫♪♪♫♪♫♫♪>

Ok, I’m back. The priest didn’t help, although he said something cryptic about my carnal attraction to commas then proceeded to splash some kind of burny water on me. Weird.

Anyways, the art is pretty good as well, it won’t blow your mind, but it’s not bad at all. Aww who am I kidding, it’s great, I love it. The scenes and characters are well drawn. Even more so, the expressions that the characters show are actually believable and convey real emotion. In fact, you can find SilkSpinner on DeviantArt, she’s rather proficient at what she does, you should check it out.

I really do like Complex Actions, understand. Yes, sometimes the jokes seem recycled, but for the most part they seem fresh and creative. At least they’re far more creative than most gaming comics. At the risk of sounding like a “fan”, I really love it. Yes,  the fact that I’m a WoW-playing, dice-rolling, Twilight-hating nerd probably has a LARGE part to do with it, but it’s funny, well-written, and well-drawn. Frankly, that’s a lot more than I can normally say about it. I could point out again that *some* of the jokes have been heard before and that the drawing quality sometimes drops, but that would be like trying to find the hay in the needle-pile. Aka painful and useless because there’s a thousand neetles lying on top. I try to be “professional” and review by omission, but it tends to turn people off of comics. And that just wouldn’t be fair to CA.

Overall, Complex Actions has that magical mixture of good writing and good art that appeals to the gamer that is 70% of my body and makes me look past the used nature of the jokes. It has found its way into my Magical Bookmark Toolbar of Wonder, and that’s saying something. You’ll probably know if you’ll like CA within a few pages of reading it, but I urge you to be fruitful and multiply. Oh, wait, that’s the wrong phrase… do that and read CA. Or at least give it a shot.

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