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Christopher Livingston

204 pages


Concerned is a comic made using Garry’s Mod, set in the world of Half-Life 2. The story follows the same path as the game, except the protagonist is a very mouthy Gordon Frohman, who could be charitably described as a lucky idiot. Frohman adores the Combine way and desperately wants to become a metrocop. This quest inadvertently causes him to follow the same path as Freeman, occasionally causing events from the game. Without giving too much away, an example of this is in the chapter “We Go to Ravenholm”, back when it was composed entirely of sunshine and flowers.

I can’t comment on the art since Garry’s Mod was used to make it. However, I was very impressed at some of the design choices that Livingston made when setting up the scenes. I highly recommend reading the hidden notes at the bottom of each page, they can lead to some interesting pages.

As for the story itself, Livingston performed admirably when bending the Half-Life plot to his own whims. Half-Life, while having a decent backdrop, isn’t the deepest game in the world, with the second game mostly consisting of “Aliens are bad, ‘cept the Vorts, and Dr. Breen is helping them. You’re resisting the aliens. Kill they ass”. Yes, I know that this is heresy, but compare Half-Life to the setting-porn that is Final Fantasy and you’ll see what I mean. Concerned seems to focus on what must be going on behind the scenes, so to speak, while Freeman is running about being valorous. Meta jokes are rampant, and some of the characters get poked at quite a bit as well.

I enjoyed it, but I’ve also played the game that it was based off of. I don’t think that game experience is necessary to understand the majority of the story; however, it would definitely help with some of the more direct references to the game. Such references include the Ravenholm chapter, the G-man bits, stabs at certain characters, and so on. It’s still fairly accessible, I’d say. That’s assuming that you’ve never played it, you Luddite.

The thrilling conclusion was almost five years ago, so don’t hold your breath for new updates. However, there’s a large archive to get your fill of, so sit down and enjoy if you haven’t already.

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