Geist Panik

Geist Panik

Brian Wilson (♫Drove downtown in the rain, nine thirty on a Tuesday night…♪)

74 pages

Updates sporatically

There’s a special place in my heart (which, seeing that I overuse that cliché, is more like a honeycomb than a muscle, I shall soon die)  for the horror genre. Maybe it’s watching the “omg wtf lol” cheerleading obvious sex object getting torn apart by zombies. Maybe it’s the fancy creatures. I don’t know. But it rocks.

Geist Panik follows the “ghosts are real but you can’t see them” school of horror by introducing everyone’s favorite amnesiac superlady, WMN5401! Obviously this isn’t her name, but it may as well be. Seriously, the “superpower amnesiac” is really just a cop-out for having to set up a decent backstory. These plots are almost as prevalent as space marines, and there’s a shitload of space marines.

UNIT DESIGNATION WMN5401’s real name is Riley Hood, and she catches ghosts. Seriously, that’s almost a direct quote. Isn’t that how Buffy started?

Meh. So basically she illegally starts selling ghost souls because the Department of Buying Your Metaphysical Shit was a bunch of cheapskates. “They” catch her, and she must work for a paranormal investigation unit (no, this isn’t Hellboy) and fix the world.

You have the normal crew, including the druid, the witch hunter, the idiotic muscle, the baddie that is obsessed with Rammstein, and so on. This isn’t breaking new ground here.

Not to mention that half of the jokes seem like something straight off a certain board that a thousand greasy nerds would kill me for uttering its name.

As always, I present the caveat: I grade by omission. The above is pretty much everything wrong with Geist Panik.

Oh, yeah, and one more thing. Or perhaps the biggest thing. I said that it updates sporadically, and I wasn’t kidding. I think that civilizations have risen and fallen faster than this guy makes comics. In fact, the only reason that I didn’t declare this a dead link and move on is that he put one up yesterday-ish. So don’t bookmark it to your RSS feed, hoping upon hope for something new tomorrow, because you’ll will be sorely disappointed. This is another one like Dresden Codak, it rarely updates but shove it down in a folder somewhere in case you have a rainy day. Me? It’s in my lovingly named “I wish I may, I wish I might” list.


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