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Before I start: the site is broken into a “diary” section, “BEC” (which seems to be her turning submitted ideas into comics), and a normal comics section with the majority of the work, the main page really only contains the “diary” section. Anyways.

KinokoFry is a fairly autobiographical, very environmentally-friendly comic that I stumbled across… somehow. I don’t remember, but that’s not the important part.

There really isn’t a story to follow, and I’m not going to try to piece one together when I can talk about the art instead.

Madame Clements’ comic is done in a beautiful, Seuss-ian style that really impressed me. That’s what really got my attention when I was browsing through it, the wonderful controlled chaos of the art, the non-jarring transitions between simple and complex forms, it all adds up to something fairly beautiful.

Early comics in the original series are more what you’d expect from a daily, one-frame jokes with no inherent purpose behind them other than entertainment, done in a bit more “mundane” style. The stories revolve around mushrooms living their… mushroomy lives. It has its moments.

The later writing is touch and go on entertainment value, it is rather preachy sometimes, although I suppose that if you really believe in something then you might as well use your talents to get the message out, and perhaps people will listen better. The quality of these “informative” pieces falls somewhere between Sandra and Woo and Sinfest. Aka between relatively subtle and so obtuse it’s aggravating. Personally, I didn’t mind because I was too busy drooling over the art, but the objective critic in me (He lives in my head. His name is Mike. He tells me to kill.) says that it might not be for everyone, especially if you’ve grown tired of environmental preaching.

Overall, I was entertained by KinokoFry, and I think that I’ll keep tabs on it in the future. Cheers!

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