Modest Medusa

Modest Medusa

Jake Richmond

Updates MWF

Modest Medusa is a simple comic. A man finds Medusa in his closet, introduces her to his niece, and they try to avoid killing each other.

It’s a fairly new comic, so there’s not much in terms of a plot going on besides establishing a background for the rest of it. However, what is there already is pretty decent. Quite a lot of the humor comes from the quirky social ignorance that Medusa has, which is usually applied to human kids in the whole “Oh, they don’t know any better, how adorable.” sense. However, since Medusa is a snake-monster and not an annoying little brat, it actually comes across as funny sometimes.

Really, there’s not a lot to say about MM as of yet. The only real “story” they have going on ATOW is the party going out to get Pokemon. Exciting, yes? But it might pick up later.

I should warn you, there are a few technical issues with the comic. Something’s iffy with their host and it can be a royal pain to load some of the later comics. This might change later, however.

In all, it’s worth watching if you’re in the mood for something cutesy.

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