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I love video games. Yeah, I know, it’s obvious. But I should probably get that put straight right away. FPSes, RTSes, RPGs (except JRPGs, which normally suck), ♥horror♥, and more.

I also love WoW. It’s been nerfed a thousand times over into practically being unworthy of being played, but it’s still a good game. And it’ll still a good game, at least until you hit the raids. Still, my undead warlock will forever hold a special place in my heart. For the Horde.

This is really the only reason I love NPC. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great comic. It’s not badly drawn, but you really do need to play World of Warcraft to get 99.9% of the jokes. It goes the standard fare of “Oh dear. There appears to be a ladyperson who is going against social mores! She is delving into a world called the Warcraft of Worlds, into a realm of menfolk! Whatever shall happen?!”

If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard it all. Like I said before, it’s not a bad comic. I’d mostly compare it to reading the WoW forums in comic form. With cats. But, like I said, if you’ve ever been pissed that Incinerate and Corruption could no longer be used at the same time (I know, right? It’s a DPS class that is good at stacking DOTs, and they nerf them?) then you might enjoy it. Also, if you could understand the last sentence in full, then I have bad news for you, you are a geek. Welcome to the ranks. Here’s a comic.

Overall, if trawling the WoW forums is something that you enjoy, then this may be the comic for you. If WoW is that game, you know, the one with the elves and the cows, then stay far far away.

Edit: I stand corrected by my non-MMOing friend, who describes this as, and I quote, “sooooooo cute!!!”. Thus, a rephrasing: You apparently don’t need MMO knowledge to like the comic. Apologizes.

P.S. For those of you in the Chicago area, I hate you. Why? Because you have a wonderful con going on and I can’t slip away due to finals. Aka, screw you all. ♥Cat

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