Omake Theater

Omake Theater

“Mr. Onii”


Updates randomly

“Omake” is a term applied to the extra content supplied with animes. Typically they are done in a silly, exaggerated format compared to what may be a stylistically “clean” format.

Omake Theater is a simple comic done in the same style, a daily work that has no cohesion between the stories. It usually deals with boobs and boys of some sort, but hey, that’s anime for you. Since I still consider this a “new” comic, I won’t go into too much detail with the tearing apart, but one thing really bothers me.

Folks, it’s perfectly fine to revisit old comics. In fact, sometimes it’s entertaining. However, there’s  a key thing about nostalgia that Oniisan seems to have missed: time has to pass before your revisit things in order for them to be funny. This author apparently thinks that his first comic was the absolute epitome of comedy because he revisits it multiple times in a very short archive, changing it only slightly each time. It’s not funny, Oniisan. Not funny at all.

Also, he seems to have adopted the Reaction Guys viral completely, pulling it out repeatedly for little to no effect. Hell, he made a t-shirt entirely based around the Guys. Of course, that viral was not of his own making, so it seems like a bit of intellectual theft to use it so much…

In short, Omake Theater is good when it’s good and bad when it’s bad. Hopefully Oniisan can get his act together and cut out the crap.

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