Pink Parts


Pink Parts

Katherine Skipper

14 pages

Updates weekly (monday)

Think way back, long long ago. In the midst of all that being oppressed, womenfolk had to find something to pay the bills with. Thus, the “oldest profession” is born. Over time it’s evolved, somewhat, and we have the “legal” version of such a career: Strippers! Whether you’re working through school or simply need some money on the side, with a nice body and a lack of body-shyness you too can make some dough!

Pink Parts is an upstart comic that has managed to slip into my view due to their aggressive advertising campaign via Project Wonderful. The plot is basically that of a girl who wants/needs to make some money, so she tries to be a stripper. And thus far that’s all I know. Seriously, what do you expect from a ~14 page comic? It’s brand new, and it could be good, it could suck. Who the hell knows?

Since there isn’t much plot, I suppose I should break my rule and check out the art The style isn’t bad, although it isn’t exactly great either. The backgrounds are decent and the character bodies work well, but for some reason the faces creep me out. Domo arigato, Mr. Robato… but all comics have bad art to begin with, so I’ll cut her quite a bit of slack. Although in the last few comics, it has gotten better. The bodies are actually modeled quite well,  instead of the stiff backs that they usually have. Imagine a comic where the characters are animated! Amazing, I know. For a upstart, it’s really pretty good.

So, yeah. Keep it in mind if you’re bored one day. Madame Skipper has been doing updates Monday throughout, but she’s been pushing for more updates per week. We’ll have to see.

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