Scandinavia and the World

Scandinavia and the World


S&W isn’t actually a “webcomic”, it’s a series of comics that I found on deviantArt by humon, a lady in Demnark. It’s basically a series about anthropomorphic versions of the Eurocentric world’s countries, mostly focused around the snowy ones. Each have their own personalities according to their histories, etc. She’s fairly prolific, actually, I’d say that I get a new comic every third day, abouts.

I’ve wanted to do S&W for a while, it’s one of those sweet nothings that I read while having my morning caffeine. I always like comics that try to show a little smarts, like Hark, a Vagrant! and Dresden Codak. Because I’m a nerd.

It does tend towards the saccharine a little too often for my taste, but it is a dismissible fault. The general humor and political satire that is worked in really does balance it out. Plus, humon doesn’t simply use stereotypes (ok, not exclusively, although they are very prevalent), she also digs out some fairly interesting history.

That’s it for S&W, the important stuff for today is in the post above. This is just to keep schedule.

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