Sister Claire

I’m going to be trying a new thing today: audio reviews! I don’t believe that as many people are actually reading my reviews as my stats say, so I’m going to see if you lot like the audio format better. It’s a tried and true one on the internet, so why not?

I’m not going to worry too much about putting up a fancy video at the moment, for the sake of time you see, so you’ll just have to live with a voiceover on a static image for now.

I’ll be using YouTube to host the audio for now, at least until I can find something else that I like better.



Hello! And welcome to a brand-new edition of Archive Crawl! It’s still has that new-format smell. As always, I’m your devoted host, Catalyst. In honor of our slightly different format, I thought that I’d do a write-up… er, talk up. Speak up? Whatever. I’m doing something on Sister Claire: Pregnant Nun by Yamino. Holy crap.
This was an… interesting story. I know what you’re thinking, and no. It doesn’t have anything to do with a wide-eyed and naiive nun being seduced by a very handsome fellow and ending up pregnant.Nor does it focus morning sickness or gigantic stomachs or whatever! Really, the whole “pregnant nun” thing is just there to drive the plot along.
We’re really here to see Sister Claire try to save her friend from a demonic cheshire cat. Yes, she technically is pregnant in that special “immaculate conception” way, but all it really does for the story is give her access to the Angel of Deus Ex Machina. Sorry, that’s Gabrielle, who is a well-meaning and slightly headonistic blue bombshell on assignment to protect the mother of the Savior. Who just so happens to be Sister Claire.
But like I said, not important. Sister Catharine has been posessed by Cheshire and Claire must learn nun-fu (no, I’m not making that up) to save her. That’s pretty much the story so far; with a few bits that I won’t spoil.
Despite the cutsey art style and Saturday Morning Cartoons names, it’s actually a decent story. It does get a bit silly at times (Oh, a holy water squirt gun to fend off a cat, what wit!), it definately seems to be aware of itself. I get a strong feeling that the only reason why it’s puerile is because we’re seeing the story though the wide eyes of Sister Claire, who is not exactly experienced in the ways of the world. And I don’t mean in the carnal arts. No, like, grocery shopping. Or realizing a catfish doesn’t actually look a cat.
Anyways, there is darker undercurrent, which can make for a very good story if it is done well. Sister Claire does right for itself in the aspect, because the cutseyness prevents the darker story from being overplayed. We have all read THOSE stories, the ones where it’s just so dark, and it’s just tightening and suffocating and you know that it was probably written in the back of a minivan by a guy with a studded belt. You have to have happy parts to make the mean parts matter.
The themes of the story like hope and redemption and whatnot are a bit annoying, but it fits. This is a nun story, after all. That’s what they do. But things like hiding your natural traits because of the fear of persecution, running from corruption, making a literal “deal with the devil”, all these things make an appearance and the comic is better for it. Do I say that simply because I love to see things go to shit in stories? Why, yes! Of course!
In all, Sister Claire was a interesting read. The style might throw you off, but it’s still a good time.
As for the new format, did you like this? I’m not sure whether this will catch on, so please. Feel free to comment. Right down there. See where it says “comment”? You know you want to. C’mon. Please. God, I’ve had conversations on dates like this. Still, let me know what you think.
Thanks for listening! See you next time.

2 thoughts on “Sister Claire

  1. Hello

    Thanks for your review. Just found this site and liked the review. Your right though, it is cutesy and it’s not too dark. I like how the themes are set up in the comic as well. Hopefully this comic won’t die (as webcomics do often), I do see a lot of potential now that I read your review.

    I’m going to probably check out the other reviews you did.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, it’s certainly a good comic. Unfortunately everyone can fall into a schedule slip every once in a while, but some do come back if they do.

      And but of course, read the rest, enjoy. I keep saying that I’m going to do more, but there’s this, then there’s that… I’ll see what I can do.

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