The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

Justin Pierce


Updates Saturdays

What if Wonderwoman was what most people think that American women are? You know, the ice cream-eating, Friends-watching, punctuationless-thinking lady who really doesn’t want to waste time fighting giant monsters. Introducing Wonderella.

Whether she’s fighting her nemesis Hitlerella, going to bars with her sidekick Wonderita, or just ignoring the cries of the public at large, it’s always good. I haven’t read Wonderella in a while, so I cannot attest to how it has evolved, but for what I’ve read it’s all very good. There isn’t really a plot, but each comic is well-written and clever. It makes fun of comic book superheroes mostly, and it’s absolutely hilarious for anyone who reads superhero books. Even if you don’t, it’s still freaking funny.

If you like superheroes or Kathy, that is. The humor tends to be the whole “single lady hates her life”/Sex in the City syndrome on occassion. Or, gods help us all, romantic comedy. While the parodies of the superheroes are funny, the “everyday woman with superpowers” kick tends to dull the blade, and by dull I mean kill and by blade I mean brain.

The art’s not bad. It’s not fantastic, mind you, but I don’t like to judge anyone who can draw better than I can.

So, yeah, read it. I apologize for the short post, I’ve been writing half the day and I’m really tired, heh. But I highly recommend Wonderella to all of you.

Mhmm. Yup. I’m out. -Cat

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