The Zombie Hunters

The Zombie Hunters

Jenny Romanchuk

9 chapters, 246 pages

Updates regularly


Yeah, we all love them. No, don’t even try to say you don’t. Don’t think about it for a god damn second. You love zombies. Whether it’s the Night of the Living Dead shufflers or the Left 4 Dead intelligent mutators, popular culture is filled with zombies of every shape and form. The backstories vary as well, from “Oh noes a necromancer” to “Oh noes a virus” to “Oh noes… hell screw the plot, let me shoot something!” (see most modern horror movies for reference to this case). And, of course, they’re oh so much fun to kill in interesting ways.

Enter The Zombie Hunters. The hunters mentioned in the title are a group of people who have been infected with the virus that would turn them into zombies, but still retain their human form and minds. The best way to describe them would be “carriers”, but they have the potential to turn. Their jobs, since they are already infected, is to go out into the zombie-filled cities and scavenge supplies for themselves and the uninfected civilians that are kept in the military safe zones. It’s all degrees of thrilling heroics while they go hunting, plus decent story to keep you reading in the interim.

The backstory is pretty well developed, with detailed descriptions of the setting, virus, characters, and types of zombies available to read. Actually, the zombie types are pretty cool, they are all quite different (although you can definitely see the inspiration of L4D) and include the Hunter, Basilisk, Spitter, Berserker, and so on. They all have different personality and physical traits, and some include the ability to learn from their experiences. It’s all quite developed. And, like I said, the interpersonal exposition that always goes on between the violence in these kinds of stories is interesting enough that you won’t get bored halfway through.

The art is detailed and bloody. Almost every zombie is soaked with blood and featuring some horrific injury ranging from complex fractures to acid-burned limbs, all rendered in wonderful detail, as it should be. Put the kids to bed, folks. The characters are fairly well-drawn and the background detailed, and everything is well-colored (including the pestilent blood, I like, I like). The comic is set up in graphic novel form, so you might have to skip through the credits at the outset but it’s a small price to pay.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes violence, or blood, or gore. Aka to everyone.

Don’t even try to deny it.

Oh, and ZOMBIES!

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