VG Cats

VG Cats

Scott Ramsoonmair

278 comics

Updates very rarely

Do you like the vidya? Do you like cats? Do you think that putting them together will be an amazing idea? Then you’ll love VG Cats.

It’s a straight-up video game comic. There’s no side plots, no romance, no nothing. Its just games, games, games.

Thanks the gods.

I know that everyone loves a good side plot every once and a while, and overall arcs are good in most comics, but give me a break. You are a “Video game webcomic”. Please, talk about video games! I hate it when these kind of things get off on these “interpersonal relationship arcs”. Here’s looking at you, Ctrl-alt-del. I get it, game girl meets game boy, *insert awkward geek joke here*. But do you have to spend half a year getting them married? No. Luckily, we still have comics like VG Cats to entertain us. Yes, there are recurring characters, but they’re done well and are only used as a joke. You’re not going to see Dr. Hobo feeling up Aeris.

As with all of these kinds of comics, if you don’t play video games like you breathe then you probably won’t enjoy the comic. It’s the kind of stuff that you can’t just pick up from seeing commercials. That may fly for Joe Loves Crappy Movies, but when you’re taking about gameplay mechanics, you gotta game to get.

The “cats” part of it doesn’t really mean anything, by the way. Yes, Leo and Aeris are cats, but they’re utterly anthropomorphic, and there are no cat jokes.

Overall: Love games? Read. No? Stay away.

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