Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery

Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery.

R. Smith


I offered to review any comic that you wanted, for an hour or so. No one responded, which is too bad because that means that today’s piece is on Yehuda Moon! Yaaaaayy.

I really wasn’t going to review this comic for multiple reasons, the most prominent one being that majority of you won’t like it. Not because it’s bad, definitely not. It just has a very narrow audience.

I came across it while searching Google for “What the fuck is a derailleur?” and saw a bit of it at the bottom of the page. Curiosity piqued, I jumped in and read the whole damn thing.

While that might sound like a point in its favor, I was more interested in the culture that it represented than the comic or story itself. It’s fascinating from an anthropological sense. However, that’s really where the positivity ends.

First of all, the comic caters to a very specific kind of reader. Basically, if you can closely identify with one of the characters in the comic, then it’s for you. If not, then it’s just going to be preachy nonsense.

And preach it does. It’s a great misfortune that Yehuda Moon took the Sinfest approach to soap-boxing by bluntly shoving the point down your throat without even the slightest courtesy of covering it with barbecue sauce first. Hell, I mostly agree with them and I find that it’s incredibly abrasive at times. I can’t imagine someone with different opinions would go through… I think there might be chafing.

That’s the real problem with Yehuda Moon. As I said, I enjoyed it, but so much of it was blatant soap-boxing. Really, it’s okay to make a comic that is an opinion piece. But you have to balance that with downtime, comics that are just fun.

The downtime comics are actually quite good, actually. Well, I enjoyed them, no accounting for your tastes. However, there’s so much of the archive that’s just there to preach “the message”… well, let’s just say that it’s a very good thing that Yehuda is so “wacky”, or the comic would just be crap.

The plot is… eh. There’s a lot of material about running a business, which is decent enough, and Yehuda’s crazy antics do lead to some interesting threads. However, it’s all incredibly contrived. The entire town seems to exist only to stop Yehuda’s plots just before they become perfection, but they still let him get far enough to get “the message” across.

The art’s pretty good, though.

In all, I liked Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery, but I have a feeling that it’s only because I’m interested in the culture. Taken from the perspective of a person with ambivalent feelings, I doubt that it’ll be all that great. It’s kind of like the WoW comics; if you like it, then you like it, if you don’t then you don’t. Simple enough.

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