This section is for my… *ahem* “creative works”. I apologize for the long page lengths, but that’s life.


This is a bit of a fanfiction story based around the game Minecraft. If you’ve never played it then it won’t make much sense, but you might dig it anyways. It’s basically an attempt to guess how a block-man got trapped on the block-island and ended up in his predicament, as well as trying to explain away some of the bizarre parts of the game. The entire thing is filled with science soft enough to drink it with a straw, but what can you do?

Mr. Smiles

A story about a girl playing a serious game of Hide-and-Go-Seek.

This bit was an experiment with compressing a broader idea into a relatively small word-count through drastic in media res, which I seem to have issues with. As a result, I wouldn’t recommend thinking too hard about the logic of it, as quite a bit of material that I wanted to put in ended up on the editing room floor, as the saying goes.

I’m still working on tightening it up. However, there comes a point where one must simply move on.

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