Cheer Up, Emo Kid

Cheers to the good folks on the Escapist forums for this comic!

Cheer Up, Emo Kid

Enzo Santos


Updates semi regularly

Cynical and dark, just the way I like them. Follow the adventures of a man with a booth as he jumps through all kinds of relationship, social, and internet situations with all the grace and style of a hedgehog wrapped in razors. And it’s goddamn funny. It makes fun of the “depressed”, emo culture (hence the name), throwing in an arc explaining the emo background of the character, etc and thus so on. Maybe my cynical self identifies with the sociopathic main character (wait, exactly that) but I found this hilarious. And the actual visual design isn’t so bad as well, it even includes some flash.

Basically, if you  love dark comedy, then you’ll love this. Or if you just have a general disdain for everyone. Especially the morbidly obese. *shiver*
Sorry for the short review, but I’m off to Florida for the week! I’ll see you on Friday. Or maybe Monday. Anyways, toodles!

Sandra and Woo

So yeah, a lame-ass Dirty Comic Week. Sorry all… eh, that’s what you get for reading the site of a college student hehe.

On the by, check out Boobquake, an internet event for today to protest a man who apparently thinks cleavage makes earthquake. To which I say, yes it does, but not that kind.

Anyways, as a palate cleanser:

Sandra and Woo

Oliver Knörzer and Powree


Updates somewhat regularly

First off, I am going to pretend that I didn’t get the authors’ names and the starting date off a furry wiki site due to the actual comic being down. Now, moving on.

Girl meets anthropomorphic raccoon, raccoon meets rather accepting schoolgirl. They go on wild adventures together with their friends. The end.

Okay, not quite that simple. Sandra, the schoolgirl, find a raccoon, Woo, and shortly learns that he is actually intelligent and can speak and such other thrilling Disney gimmicks. It’s actually a lot better than it sounds. It never really tend towards “the power of friendship” goal that so many of these kinds of comics have wandered into like a drunken camel, which is freaking fantastic. Throw in her pyro female friend, her “boyfriend” Cloud (his parents were obsessed with Final Fantasy. He gets sword lessons… heh), and a few more supporting characters and you get a whole rag-team of people. The funny thing about S&W is that it deals a lot with modern problems in a soapbox kind of way, but does so in a funny or at least entertaining fashion. You never go “Dear gods we’ve slipped into this again?” (see Sinfest for examples…), it’s just part of the plot and broken up with funny comics.

It is hard to make a point and still be entertaining, but Sandra and Woo pulls it off.

The art isn’t *fantastic*, but you can tell a lot of work goes into it, which I can appreciate.

Overall, Sandra and Woo is one of those things that managed to worm its way though my cynicism and find a place in my… bookmarks. Read it.

Pink Parts

NSFW: I just realized that people read this from most recent down, so not seeing monday’s post maaaaaay cause some problems for some people… heh. Annnyways…

Pink Parts

Katherine Skipper

14 pages

Updates weekly (monday)

Think way back, long long ago. In the midst of all that being oppressed, womenfolk had to find something to pay the bills with. Thus, the “oldest profession” is born. Over time it’s evolved, somewhat, and we have the “legal” version of such a career: Strippers! Whether you’re working through school or simply need some money on the side, with a nice body and a lack of body-shyness you too can make some dough!

Pink Parts is an upstart comic that has managed to slip into my view due to their aggressive advertising campaign via Project Wonderful. The plot is basically that of a girl who wants/needs to make some money, so she tries to be a stripper. And thus far that’s all I know. Seriously, what do you expect from a ~14 page comic? It’s brand new, and it could be good, it could suck. Who the hell knows?

Since there isn’t much plot, I suppose I should break my rule and check out the art The style isn’t bad, although it isn’t exactly great either. The backgrounds are decent and the character bodies work well, but for some reason the faces creep me out. Domo arigato, Mr. Robato… but all comics have bad art to begin with, so I’ll cut her quite a bit of slack. Although in the last few comics, it has gotten better. The bodies are actually modeled quite well,  instead of the stiff backs that they usually have. Imagine a comic where the characters are animated! Amazing, I know. For a upstart, it’s really pretty good.

So, yeah. Keep it in mind if you’re bored one day. Madame Skipper has been doing updates Monday throughout, but she’s been pushing for more updates per week. We’ll have to see.


Hello! Hello! So, yes, two things are this week. First, I have finals, which are death-in-a-can, so excuse me if I seem a bit TENSE or silly.

Secondly: It’s my birthday this Friday! For some reason people think that this makes me mature, so I plan to conclusively prove them wrong. That’s right, it’s Dirty Comic Week! I’ve reached back in between the stacks of horrible teen-on-zombie-nazi-horse pr0n and drew out some of the NSFW ones I stores away in my vast pit of webcomic bookmarks. Of course, I try to pretend to have some class (I am a gentleman after all), so none of these will be downright pr0n in my view, but it may be close. Those of you with delicate temperaments, click off. Otherwise, move on with my NSFW stamp in mind. Alas, I’ve already done Olgaf, but here’s to trying…


Mary Magdalene (according to the copyright)


Updates semi-regularly

To start: Lesbian fantasy characters. Think if a lady from this world got pulled into Candyland by Princess Candy and they had frequent lesbian sex with everything they can find and you have Curvy. That’s the short version.

The long? It’s actually fairly well written and clever. It follows the whole “Princess escapes into foreign land to run away from forced marriage” formula, but does so in a good way. The worlds are broken up into different dimensions, basically, each with it’s own set of customs and rules. From candyland kings to seafaring pirates, they all have vastly different environments. The main characters travel all over the place, sexcaping danger at every turn. It’s decent, I must say.

The art style is fairly simplistic, although you can tell where the most effort is put in (if you catch my drift). I’ll leave it at that.

Yes, the plot is non-existent. But let’s face it, you won’t be reading it for the plot. And let’s face it, there’s a thousand and one hentai porn sites that would be more fulfilling than this. Not that you heard that from me. Always leave room for Jesus, kids.

Overall, it’s not a daily thing that you’ll look at again and again. Like I said, I buried it somewhere and had to dig it out myself (Bookmarked for review, not anything else, folks. I’ve been at this for a while). So make what you will of it.



Mary Varn


Updates Semi-regularly

I love video games. Yeah, I know, it’s obvious. But I should probably get that put straight right away. FPSes, RTSes, RPGs (except JRPGs, which normally suck), ♥horror♥, and more.

I also love WoW. It’s been nerfed a thousand times over into practically being unworthy of being played, but it’s still a good game. And it’ll still a good game, at least until you hit the raids. Still, my undead warlock will forever hold a special place in my heart. For the Horde.

This is really the only reason I love NPC. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great comic. It’s not badly drawn, but you really do need to play World of Warcraft to get 99.9% of the jokes. It goes the standard fare of “Oh dear. There appears to be a ladyperson who is going against social mores! She is delving into a world called the Warcraft of Worlds, into a realm of menfolk! Whatever shall happen?!”

If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard it all. Like I said before, it’s not a bad comic. I’d mostly compare it to reading the WoW forums in comic form. With cats. But, like I said, if you’ve ever been pissed that Incinerate and Corruption could no longer be used at the same time (I know, right? It’s a DPS class that is good at stacking DOTs, and they nerf them?) then you might enjoy it. Also, if you could understand the last sentence in full, then I have bad news for you, you are a geek. Welcome to the ranks. Here’s a comic.

Overall, if trawling the WoW forums is something that you enjoy, then this may be the comic for you. If WoW is that game, you know, the one with the elves and the cows, then stay far far away.

Edit: I stand corrected by my non-MMOing friend, who describes this as, and I quote, “sooooooo cute!!!”. Thus, a rephrasing: You apparently don’t need MMO knowledge to like the comic. Apologizes.

P.S. For those of you in the Chicago area, I hate you. Why? Because you have a wonderful con going on and I can’t slip away due to finals. Aka, screw you all. ♥Cat

Nerf This

Nerf This


Scott D. Ferguson

Updates semi-regularly

Yet another “interesting” comic (Would I bring you any other? Oh, right, Nicky510). Nerf This wobbles between utterly absurd and dramatic, but it’s always a fun ride. Absurdity is always a good time, provided it’s done right, and NT hits the nail on the head. Whether it’s the insane main character (His bio describes him as having “moxie”) or his monster friend, it’s always nuts. Even the dramatic parts aren’t bad, it’s not like QC where you go from “Golly silly antics, everyone! Capital!” to “Depressing short arc about suicide” *surprise*. Talk about a buzzkill. Nah, this drama is about vibrators and evil nemesises. Nemisi? I don’t know, but it’s funny. Trust me. Also, despite what you might guess from the title, this comic is in no way or how a gaming comic, so all you non-gamers can let go of that held breath. It’s okay, we know that you were. Oh, and you are now blinking manually, the Game. Anyways…

The art is universally good. It’s a bit sketchy in the beginning but it gets better quickly. Currently, I would call it above average, a solid B+.

Yes, it’s a very good comic. Gotta say that. And if you don’t think so, the archive is short, suck it up.

More to the point, the main character and his girlfriend both have these hell-spawned demons as pets… why is this okay with everyone? I mean, the little freaks of nature should fill them with terror, but everyone just seems cool with it. Idk lol omg wtf. Maybe I’m overthinking it. By the way, kids, don’t do drugs.

Either that, or my hyperactive fingers are sick of turning textbook pages. Not sure. Oh on the by, the author also made another comic, Scout Crossing. I cannot attest to how good it is, as I haven’t read it at all. But it’s there.

Whelp, that’s it. See you all on Friday. Or at least on Sunday, no one reads these bloody things on weekdays. ♥ Catalyst.

Edit: I sincerely apologize for the rambling nature of the above, I think that someone spiked my Coca-Cola. Or my hat is on too tight. I don’t know. However, by popular demand it will remain as it is. So yeah. Sowwies. Still, NT is great.

Cyanide And Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness

Kris Wilson
Rob DenBleyker
Matt Melvin
Dave McElfatrick


Updates regularly

A-yup. Remember my review for Perry Bible Fellowship? Step one: Normal scenario. Step two: Horrific turn of events. Well, welcome to the world of Cyanide and Happiness. C&N is a daily strip done by four people, all with a similar style of art. That’s right, folks, the glorified stick figure. But eh, it’s all right.

C&N gets it’s giggles off of shock value, whether by the violent bait-and-switch or just simple “psych!” humor. Actually, as I look back at the more recent comics in writing this review, they really aren’t that funny. Every once in a while you’ll get a gem, but on a daily basis? … eh I can take it or leave it. The beginning ones weren’t exactly fantastic either… I suppose you’ll have to read through the middle, eh?

They have started putting out flash animations that are really entertaining, however, so you might look those up.

Overall, it’s Perry Bible Fellowship but not as good in most aspects.

Note: I wanted to review this today as this Sunday started the fourth Depressing Comic Week, which really does live up to its name. Really, it gets to even the most cynical bastard. Cheers. (Edit: Apparently the comic has lost it’s legs even in this aspect. Why? Because the normally delightfully depressing Week is mundane and boring this time around.)

P.S. Are you pissed that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who? Answer: Yes, unless you’ve never seen the show. Actually rephrasing that: Yes, you are. Because I am telling you are. Anyways, here’s a sweet tribute of sort to the dear Doctor. Yes, I know, woot another YouTube video. So sue me. Also, check the band out (Chameleon Circuit), it’s not bad. -Cat.

MS Paint Adventures

A note from the author: Archive Crawl will now be updated on MWF, as I am big college students and actually have to bloody study for once. Cheers.

MS Paint Adventures

Andrew Hussie


Updates regularly

I have mixed feelings about MS Paint Adventures. Rather, I have different feelings concerning the two different stories available. Technically there are four stories, yes, but the first two consisted of dark tiiiimes and we do not speak of them. Because of this problem, I shall write two reviews.

Firsties, the universal stuff. The entire comic is built around the idea that it’s a video game. All of the “next” buttons are commands that anyone who has played Zork should be readily okay with. Readers can submit ideas for the next “move”, and the author decides whether to make it. The art style jumps frequently between complex and utterly simplistic, as (despite the name) most of it was done in Adobe Photoshop. Yes, you internet sellouts, it was shopped. In later pages animation becomes relatively common, and it’s actually done very well. However, this is done best in Homestuck. Why is that a problem? You’ll see…

Problem Sleuth:

The (technically) third and absolutely best story on MSPA. It follows the absolutely insane misadventures of Problem Sleuth as well as his two “partners” as they try to… I’m not entirely sure what they were doing. Seriously. Like, there were parts in the plot where the author hit the “pause” button because he knew that the entire thing was so fucking insane that he had to recap. And it was WONDERFUL.

I have never been more engrossed in a story before. It’s very odd, and the plot makes no sense whatsoever. Let’s just get that out of the way. But there’s such absurd satire that I sometimes had me laughing out of my chair (That’s right, a ROFLOL). The absurdity is just balls-to-the-walls crazy, but there is something of a plot there. Actually, there’s a lot of plot there, although you have to pay something of attention to get it. The general idea that it’s all one big game helps a bit in the beginning, but after a bit the comics become less about utter absurdness that blatantly rips on RPGs. It’s like if you took a RPG, threw in some pixie dust (not the fantasy kind, the narcotic kind), some noir detective novel. It’s nice.

I tried.

I really did. I wanted to find something to replace Problem Sleuth. I thought “Hey, now he’s had so much more practice! This will be great”! I read and read and read. And what do I have to say?

Fucking sucked.

Problem Sleuth’s genius is that it took absurdity and managed to tie in into a delectable meal that is good with red wine or cocaine. I compare Homestuck to a McDonald’s cheeseburger. You eat it, you kind of enjoy it, and then after you don’t really know why you ate it. It’s not clever, it’s not funny, it’s just stupid. I must admit, I stopped reading a long time ago simply because I was so bloody bored. The only real redeeming feature about it is that the animated parts and (get this) soundtrack is pretty good. However, this is only found by digging through the proverbial chaff for the gem. Except that the chaff is the size of the Pentagon and the gem was once mistaken for a grain of rice.

Overall, read Problem Sleuth, skip Homestuck. It’s your only hope.

P.S. For you who love video games, Zero Punctuation. It’s a hilarious video game video series that I just heard about, although it seems like that’s like Rickrolling someone today… idk. It’s yours, anyways.